Friday, March 07, 2008



After being in the comfortable dry climate of the southwest for the past 4 months I was really bothered by the cold dampness as we set up camp on the shores of Cypress Lake here in northeast Texas. The kind of dampness that just gets right inside your clothes & makes you feel like a mobile hunk of ice. I definitely think the southwest is a far healthier place to live.

The rain started early Thursday afternoon & continued all night right up until about 9 o'clock Friday morning. We had not chosen our second campsite here on the lake very wisely. Failed to consider the lay of the land in case it rained. And, it rained, & rained & rained. Kind of like pitching a tent in a hollow. I had parked the rig near the lake on a lower section of dirt road. By the time I realized my mistake later in the day, it was too late. We had a lot of run off water coming down the road & pooling around us with one small stream passing right underneath the rig on it's downhill trek to the lake. The dirt road turned out to be a red clay mixture & my footsteps sunk in when I walked around. Needless to say I didn't get a good night's sleep worrying about how we were going to get out of here without bogging down in the mud. To make it even worse, we are on an uphill curve & slightly off the road. I was tempted to try & drive it out last night but figured if it got stuck on an angle we would loose our level status. Thought about trying to back it out. Thought about a lot of things. Finally figured it would be best to do nothing & wait for the rain to stop & the ground to dry up to-day. So, that's where we are at right now. The rain stopped this morning & the ground around us has been drying all day under the warming Texas sun. No rain in the forecast to-night so by to-morrow morning I'm hoping the mud road will be dry & firm enough for us to just simply drive right out of here no problem. Well, that's the theory anyway!!

Our day was very quiet & relaxing. Reading & computer stuff. This is a very pretty area with an abundance of many birds. Couldn't identify all the different species but I did recognize a few. Especially the large blue herons & the numerous white pelicans. Turkey Vultures soaring high overhead & little Nuthatches twittering around on the tree trunks. A flock of small black duck like birds with white beaks took off from the lake nearby but don't know what kind they were..... OUR PHOTO ALBUMS

To-morrow morning we'll roll out of here heading east on I-30 to Little Rock, Arkansas & then pick up I-40 heading to-wards Memphis. Somewhere between Little Rock & Memphis we'll find us an RV site to hold up for a few more days. Our length of stay will depend on the weather in Ontario. We have to stop in Elkhart, Indiana to pick up a new screen door for the rig too so that might be our last stop before getting back to Bayfield........whenever!!

Come on Bayfield, crank up the thermostat, turn on the sunshine, & get rid of all that nasty snow. The Bayfield Bunch will soon be home:))))))


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