Thursday, March 06, 2008



A large blue heron standing on the end of the small dock, a white Egret sitting in front of the motorhome & 4 Canvas Back ducks paddling by greeted us as we peered out the windshield first thing this morning. A small group of Coots floated on the water just offshore. Heard a Killdeer & a Red Winged Blackbird in the distance despite the racket from the crows & the cooing of the morning doves. A nice way to start the day. But, it wasn't to last.

A light rap on our door around 9 brought the lady who collects campsite fees for the County. We were informed our night's stay had cost us $25. That was much more than we thought it was supposed to be but she informed us that the park was now in season so the rates had gone up March 1rst. Said there was a dry camping (no electricity or water hook-ups) area just down the lake a few miles for $10 a night so we packed things up & off we went to the other area.
We're still on the edge of the lake but not as close as before. We have some grass here but the roadway is muddy & now that it's been raining for a couple of hours, things are a bit of a mess........especially with 3 dogs going in & out.

Watched some young fellows load a big steel tracked digging machine onto a barge & head off down the lake. OUR PHOTO ALBUMS Awhile later we heard some shouts & saw another motorized barge about a hundred yards off shore with a dead engine. He was adrift & calling to another fellow on the shore to get him some help. Felt sorry for the guy because it was raining & the wind was blowing him towards the far shore across the lake. No shelter on the barge so he must have been very wet & cold. Help arrived about half an hour later when a pick-up truck with second barge on a trailer pulled & backed the barge down into the water. The barge operator unloaded a battery out of the truck so figured the guy who was stranded must have had a dead battery. Only took the 2nd barge a few minutes to reach the 1rst barge & it wasn't long before they had the new battery in place, engine re-started & both barges were on their way back to shore. Good thing they weren't upriver from Niagara Falls!!

Sitting here inside all day we couldn't help but look on the bright side of an otherwise cold, windy, wet, & miserable day. We have cable TV & internet. Our blue flame propane heater (& furnace) keeps us roasty toasty, & our living room & bedroom slides give us lots of room. Our satellite radio brings in clear ambient music & we've got 3 furry wild & crazy doggy guys to keep us entertained, so how's that for being positive on a wet miserable day somewhere in the eastern part of the Texas panhandle........................