Monday, October 13, 2008


Under the cover of darkness I quietly moved my darkened van into position at the side of the street & shut off the motor. In the back were 3 large boxes containing 50 objects that had to be hastily deployed before drawing any attention from the nearby houses. This was not an easy mission because 2 metal rods had to be affixed to each object & the holes for the rods did not match. The rods then had to be carefully pushed into the ground. But, there was no turning back. Two days earlier I had received a telephone call from a shadowy figure in Nova Scotia who was in need of help. She outlined her plan & said it was imperative that this mission be executed late Sunday night. She said, "this is your mission Al, can you handle it?" I ran it through my cranium & immediately thought, no this is not something I can do, so, I quickly said to her, "yes, I'm the right guy for the job!!" I code named the mission, Kayakattack, after the person who had called. Took me 40 minutes to deploy all objects, one at a time, being careful not to leave any metal rods laying on the ground. Didn't want anyone injured if possible!! Turns out not all the rods had been shipped so I had to carefully place some of the objects in trees & shrubs. At one point I detected cigarette smoke in the air so quickly launched a night vision scan (I have excellent night vision) & immediately detected a dark figure standing beside a vehicle about two hundred yards away. I deployed 2 objects into the ground & re-scanned. The figure was gone but I knew it was not a threat. Someone down the street had just slipped outside for a smoke & then wisely slipped back into their house. Minutes later I hooked the wires to the last object & strategically placed it near a darkened window. Within seconds I was back in the van & rolling with lights out. Two minutes after that I was home & silently slipped into the driveway. Well, not silently enough for our 3 super watch dog guys because they immediately sensed an intruder & let out a big barking uproar which probably woke up every neighbor for about a mile around. So much for my super stealthy covert operation....................................

Now, here's the rest of the story:))
The phone call from Nova Scotia was from my friend Bruce's daughter. Bruce's Birthday was Monday & she wondered if I could pick up 50 pink Flamingos at a store in Goderich (Balloons To You) Saturday afternoon & put them all over Bruce's lawn late Sunday night. Kelly swung around that way this afternoon & took a few drive by pictures of my shenanigans the night before. I would have gone down & took the pictures myself but I didn't want Bruce chasing me down the street shouting loud obscenities & throwing pink Flamingos at me. Could have been most embarrassing seeing two old guys running down the road under duress with pink Flamingos flying through the air!!