Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just Wanna......GET GOING!!

Waiting to go somewhere has always bugged me. I have one of those brains that always wants to do something 5 minutes before I even think of it in the first place. Patience has never been one of my strong points & so it is once again that time of year for waiting, & waiting, & waiting!! It's always the same, whether your waiting to go on vacation or waiting to come home from vacation. Once the decision is made to do either, it's time to get the wheels rolling & get on with it. Because of a work commitment for Kelly our departure time this year is delayed to mid November. I'm always ready to rumble by the first week-end after Thanksgiving so it's a long patient wait for a short patience guy like myself. By mid November we could be into snow & ice here plus salt laden roads & I really don't want the motorhome & car encrusted in that horrible road salt all the way down south & it's not like you can just pull into any old car wash with a nearly 12' high, 33' long motorhome. Our Canadian dollar is taking a pounding again but at least the gas prices are continuing to drop. Well, until November 14th that is.....................................

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