Saturday, November 29, 2008


The Gremlins began their dirty work in the wee hours of the night. It was 2:30 a.m. when the cold woke me up. One glance over at our propane powered Blue Flame heater told me it was not working. Temperature was down to 52F but I managed to re-ignite the heater. Back to bed, but of course couldn't sleep. Figured I'd fire up the computer & check the emails, but like I said, the Gremlins were up early to-day. Computer was fine but our Hughes-Net satellite system modem would not connect. Power light was on but the other 4 lights refused to light indicating the system was dead in the water. Then, the Blue Flame heater quit again & I couldn't get it re-started. Ok, time to fire up the RV's furnace. Hadn't used the furnace since last winter before getting our Blue Flame heater hooked up in Quartzite, Arizona. Remember the Gremlins.......yup, the furnace wouldn't light. Blower worked fine, furnace finally fired up but only for a few seconds & then would go out. We had just filled our propane tank back in Deming a few days ago but I went outside & checked the tank anyway & we had lots of propane. By this time Kelly was up working on the computer modem problem but it was still a no-go:(( She managed to get the Blue Flame fired up but it only ran for about 20 minutes before going out again. The furnace finally got itself going sort of OK so at least we've got some heat. It is now 5:30 in the morning & Kelly is reading the Blue Flame manual trying to troubleshoot our problem. And me, well I'm just sitting here with all my winter clothes on banging away on the keys as fast as I can trying to stay warm. RVing.....yep, ya just gotta love it!!

UPDATE!!.......12:50 P.M. Saturday
Sometimes the best laid plans of mice & men sometimes go astray.... & so it is with us to-day. Our Emery Pass & Gila Cliff Dwellings day trip is on hold. Right now we are in Silver City at an internet cafe because our satellite system is ka-put. Kelly phoned Hughes-Net this morning describing the problems were having & they said our modem is shot & we would have to get a new one. We do not want to do that because they are not cheap & combined with some of the other problems we've had with the satellite system we are right now looking at alternatives!!!! Also still working on our heater problem & another gremlin has popped up with one of our holding tanks.
Will stay at City of Rocks to-night & then move to an RV Park here in Silver City to-morrow to work on the ongoing problems. This little blurb will have to do for to-day.
Oh by the way, if any of you folks out there have any extra problems, just send them along to the Bayfield Bunch just in case we run out of all ours forcing our stress levels to drop!!!! Don't want to be caught with low stress levels you know. Geeeeeezzzzzzzzz!!
Will be back on-line as soon as we can........... AL

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