Saturday, November 29, 2008


Well, it's been quite a day & we're finally back from Silver City. Before dropping into that Internet Cafe where I sent the earlier blog from this afternoon we had gone to a Verizon Cellular place to check out prices & programs for a Verizon air card. Because of our problematic satellite internet system from time to time & then the break down this morning, we knew it was time to make some decisions. The technology in cellular air cards has advanced in leaps & bounds the last couple of years & it just made sense for us to get on the cellular wagon.AND THEY HAVE GOOD COFFEE HERE TOO
While at the internet cafe Kelly looked up additional info on Verizon & then we made the decision to go with it. The monthly cost is the same as what we were paying for the Hughes-Net satellite program so that cancelled itself out. Because of the great TV reception we've been getting with our antennae this year we will probably discontinue our Star Choice program as well & that will save us another bundle of monthly money. INKING THE DEAL ON OUR NEW VERIZON AIR CARD PROGRAM
We had a young fellow at the Verizon store load the software into our laptop & get everything up & running. Within minutes we were on-line right there in the store. We stayed on line as we carried the computer out to the car & Kelly was on-line all the way back to the park getting caught up on all her Deerpark correspondence. For us, this was truly amazing. There we were, driving down the road while still connected to the internet. We thought to ourselves, why didn't we do this in the first place but after a little thought we realized that when we bought the satellite system a couple of years ago, all this new cellular stuff was just beginning to come into it's own. Anyway, so far so good. We've been on line with the air card for about 4 hours now & it's working flawlessly. Next test will be in a few minutes when I attempt to upload this blog with some pictures. AND WE HAD INTERNET ALL THE WAY HOME:))
To-morrow we plan to move the motorhome to a park in Silver City for a day or two. After that.....who knows:)) Didn't upload any photos to the web album to-day.


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  1. Hey guys, we'll be curious to see how you like your new internet setup. We have had our share of frustrations with Hughes Net, but as many times as we've cursed them for slow speeds and repairs, we still can't imagine giving our dish up for an air card. Keep us posted on how it goes OK?