Sunday, November 30, 2008


Noticed right away this morning the condensation wasn't as bad on the windows so knew the outside temperatures were finally on their way up. Not a cloud in the sky as the sun rose over Cooke's Peak to the east. It was the beginning of our last day at City of Rocks.

Disassembled the satellite dish for the last time & stowed it away in the hatchback of the car. The tri-pod, dish, & satellite arm with an additional Starchoice LMB are all in good shape so we'll try to sell it. Modem is no good but can be replaced. Never thought, but I should have taken a picture of the set up before taking it down.

There are a few petroglyphs here in the rocks so with a sketchy little map, we set out this morning to find some of them. Clambered here & there, & scrambled through some rocky cavelike overhangs but to no avail, we couldn't find them. It wasn't until later in the afternoon while returning from our daytrip that were able to stop at an empty campsite where we knew of one near the sites garbage can. I've included a picture of that one in to-day's web album. SEARCHING FOR PETROGLYPHS
We headed off in the car for the Emory Pass around 10:15. While staying in the town of Truth or Consequences for a week late last February we had taken a day trip with the car through Hillsboro, Kingston, & on up through the Gila Forest to the Emory Pass, whereupon we threw some snowballs around & then headed back to Truth or Consequences. Someone later told us we should have continued that drive through to Silver City because that was the nicest part. So, to-day, 9 months later we made that drive from the western end. A great winding road complete with hairpin turns, 10MPH corners, steep drop offs, rock walls, tight curves, & steep grades. Always fun to be jammin gears in tight turns & our little 5 speed Hyundai Santa Fe handled the roads with no problem at all. It has been a great car for us. THE VIEW EAST FROM EMORY PASS
Made it back to City of Rocks around 2 in the afternoon & immediately set about packing up our campsite & readying the motorhome for our move to Silver City some 35 minutes to the north. In the meantime couple of older fellows driving by noticed the Canadian flag decals on our rig so pulled in to say hello. Fellow Canadians out on a daytrip. One fellow had been stationed in Clinton during the war & the other fellow knew some people living in St. Joseph just south of Bayfield. Couple of nice guys.

Always sad to leave a place where nice memories have been created, & so it was as we said good-bye to our little campsite beside the big rocks. We will remember City of Rocks as one of the nicest State Parks we have ever been in & I would highly recommend it to anyone traveling in the area.

Didn't bother hooking the car up because Silver City wasn't that far so I lead the way in the motorhome & before long we were pulling into Manzano's RV Park right on highway 180 on the southern outskirts of Silver City. Found us a cozy little spot & got ourselves settled in. I'm not big on RV Parks but we had scouted this one out yesterday & found it to our liking. Units are not ram jammed in plus there is lots of greenery & it's obvious that this is a very well maintained RV Park. Kelly met the owners & was very impressed with their friendly manner. A hard working couple who have developed this park from scratch beginning back in 1999. No idea how long we'll stay but as long as the doggy guys don't get us kicked out we might be here for a few days. OUR PHOTO ALBUMS


  1. why wasn't the coment on your last post "approved"??

  2. Congratulations on getting rid of your satellite system. We just did the same thing and are using our local telephone company DSL. When we head south to AZ soon, we will depend on RV park wi-fi. We'll see how that works. Your blog is great and photos are awesome.