Thursday, February 26, 2009



Well, I'm really stuck for something to blog about to-night. Haven't even come up with any photos yet & it's getting dark. I can hear the neighbor's dog barking so that suggests we are probably going to have another noisy night. My theory is that this warmer weather has brought out.....the night walkers. The Border Patrol refers to the illegal aliens crossing the border from Mexico as "walkers." Last night the dogs once again heard the walkers, & so did I.

We are only about 20 miles from the Mexican border here at the ranch & between two mountain ranges which makes this flat valley a natural walk way north for people heading for Tucson or Phoenix from around the Douglas area. We have also found out a popular pick up point is a mere 2 or 3 hundred yards down the road from us here. We sometimes see slow moving vehicles in the dark. Earlier last night Kelly saw a flashlight beam in that area. The ranch dogs Gleason & Pearce plus the neighbor's dog started running & barking around 10. This went on for awhile so I quietly slipped outside & walked up along the fence line to the road. Both dogs were focused on a spot just south of the gate but I couldn't see anything. However, I heard the footsteps. Someone was walking down the road & it wasn't a neighbor out for a leisurely stroll. Because of the warmer night temperatures & basically moonless nights right now, I figure there are probably a lot of walkers out there these nights in the desert making their way north. The dogs have really been barking up a storm for about the last 4 nights. A neighbor said there are also a lot of deer in the area that make the dogs bark as well. And, there are coyotes nearby because we hear them at night all to well. I think the coyotes just come up to the fence & make stupid faces at the dogs just to rile them up. So far all is quiet to-night but we'll see how it goes as the night wares on. MY LAST MINUTE ROOSTING CHICKENS PICTURE

Heard the chickens making a ruckus earlier so went over with my camera in case there was a wily coyote making faces at them from the fence line or something. No coyote but I did flash off some chicken pictures in the dark. The girls were all roosting. Haven't downloaded the pics yet but I'll have to go with whatever I got because it's the only photos I took to-day.

It was another warm day up in the 80's but we had a big wind come in around noon & stayed until about 6. That was a big relief from the heat. Kelly wanted to do some browsing & shopping in Bisbee so she headed off over there about mid morning. I do not do browse & shop!!!! Didn't take me long to crank up the tunes & grab my little can of paint. Before you could say likity split I had my brush & paint roller in action on the last remaining bathroom wall. Same adobe color as the rest of the joint. Figured RV's are too small for coming up with different colors for each room so we've stuck to our adobe color throughout. This completes the interior painting now but I do have enough paint left over to maybe paint the bottom of the car or something. Hate to waste paint you know & whatever happened to two toned cars anyway:))


Looks like this computer is messing up the dates again for some reason!! This is Wednesday, not Thursday!!!!

Kelly's off to a yoga class in the morning so I'll have to figure out what trouble I can get myself into for an hour & a half. Say, maybe Jeanie & Ray would like the bottom half of their brand new Jeep Wrangler Sahara painted a nice adobe color. Hmmmmmm, now there's a thought.............................................:))

No photos for the web album to-night.



  1. You are just like my mom. She would find something to paint until the can was empty.

    I'd like to eventually paint the inside of my 5th wheel but Ihave something like textured vinyl walls? What were your walls when you painted them?


  2. Hmmmmm.... I was supposed to meet Jeanie and Ray for lunch today in Tucson, but they had to make an important, last minute trip to Bisbee. Perhaps Ray decided he had better get the new and much beloved Jeep up here to safety?? :)

    -- Laurie