Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well, we wanted we got hot!! I'm already seeing some other bloggers succumbing to the heat & pining for those good old cooler northern winter days. "Give me some ice, give me some snow, let the winds come, let the winds blow." Well, fellow bloggers..........ya gotta be nuts!!I'M THE BIG HORSE BOSS AROUND HERE & DON'T YOU FORGET IT
Aside from cleaning some outside windows on the rig this morning it's been a quiet day. We were low on come grocery items so headed off for the Safeway store in Bisbee. That part of Bisbee used to be called San Jose years ago & is actually a few miles west of downtown Bisbee but I think that whole area is now referred to as Bisbee. Stopped at Jimmy's Hot Dog Company for some eats before the grocery store Someone once said it's better to grocery shop on a full stomach so that was our logic this morning. It worked because we didn't come home with the usual 25 cases of Oreo cookies.

It's 4 P.M. right now, the side door of the rig is open, we've got 2 fans rolling & the thermometer in front of the computer says it's 89F inside the rig. The ranch house is waaaaay cooler so earlier this afternoon we went inside & watched a DVD. We stopped in Elfrida yesterday to drop off some books & the Librarian recommended a good DVD movie so we brought it back & that is the movie we watched about an hour ago. This movie was unlike any other movie I've seen. It's a very powerful thought provoking movie, guaranteed to bring a lump to your throat & guaranteed to remain in my memory from this day forth. The movie is called, Wit. Mike Nichols directs & Emma Thompson plays a woman diagnosed with a devastating illness. My Dad died of cancer years ago & I saw some comparisons. My Mother passed away a few years ago as well & again I felt comparisons. A very touching movie. Emma Thompson's superb performance deserves an award. Movie is based on the 1999 Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Margaret Edson.

Some folks have been having difficulty enlarging the photos in the blog so I'm going to try uploading two other sizes & see if that works. First pic will be the usual larger size. Next one will be medium & the following pics will be the smallest size. Would appreciate knowing if that works.
This is a pretty nice set up we've got here. Kelly is able to watch her night time television shows in the ranch house on the big screen cable TV & I'm able to sit out here in the rig listening to my tunes while working on the blog. If I didn't have this blog to do I'd probably go bonkers because we only have one TV station in the rig & the night time programming is total garbage. (NBC)

So, on that positive note I'll wrap this up & send it off into cyberspace somewhere. Careful, it just might land somewhere very close to where your sitting..........................................

No photos for the web album to-day.


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  1. What in the world did people do before TV?

    And you just had to go and mention Oreo cookies, reminding me that I am out of them!