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First email in this morning was from Rosanna at Paws & Hooves Ranch with a warning about the impending wind forecast for to-day. Said she had a red flag weather warning on her computer. Checked the Tucson weather channel & yep, we had some mighty big winds coming our way alright. Figured I'd better get outside & get a lot of loose stuff picked up before it becomes somebody else's loose stuff. SOMEBODY IS SLEEPING IN MY BED AGAIN!!

Kelly headed off to Elfrida for her Friday morning Yoga class while I battened down the hatches around the rig & waited for the blow. And, just as the weatherman predicted, the first big wind gusts hit us at 11 a.m. exactly. Luckily I had gathered up 9 large rocks & set them on top of the chickens so they wouldn't blow away. The rooster assured me he could take care of himself as he proudly strutted around his compound. I later saw him airborne, going by the window about 60 MPH.....backwards!! I'm sure he will be proudly back. The wind gusts battered us all afternoon without let up. The rig rocked back & forth as each gust did it's business on us. Reminded me of my old navy days aboard the H.M.C.S. Saguenay when we were out a few times in the North Atlantic & had the wind & waves battering the destroyer. THE SWISSHELM MOUNTAINS ACROSS THE ROAD FROM THE RANCH

Earlier before the wind got too bad Kelly took the car & headed off to Bisbee. Wanted to browse around a bit, pick up a few things & stop into the Bisbee Library for some DVDs. She'll have a tail wind coming home so hope she can get the car stopped before reaching the New Mexico State Line. Ingrid & Tom dropped Corky off for a few hours late this morning while they went over to Sierra Vista so I enjoyed getting down on the ground & playing with all the dogs. Occasionally I would have to hang onto a doggy tail as the wind gusts would swoop in suddenly trying to make birds out of us all. Had to keep the little motormouse inside though or she would have been blown clear across the lower 48 States. AND THIS IS CORKY.....THE BIG ENERGY GUY

Kelly made it back from Bisbee around 3 & said it wasn't windy there at all. Bisbee is sheltered in the Mule mountains. We did the chores a little bit on the early side to-day because Jackie & Sergeant John in Elfrida wanted to take us up to the Apache Lair for all you can eat fish n chips. We scooted around & got things squared away before heading to Elfrida about four thirty. THE GLEESON MOUNTAINS NORTHEAST OF THE RANCH

John was home but Jackie had left Wednesday on a family medical emergency up in Phoenix so Kelly, John, I headed north up near Sunizona to the restaurant. Can't even remember the last time we had fish & chips but it would probably have been at Madelyn's Diner in Stratford Ontario a couple of years ago. Fish n Chips were good & of course we did eat all we could eat too. Thanks for the great supper Sarge. Headed back to Elfrida & John had us come in to see an old 50's classic RV movie staring Lucille Ball & Dezi Arnaz called, The Long, Long, Trailer. About a honeymoon couple buying & towing a 40' house trailer on a trip from California to Colorado in the mountains. Although the movie is probably around 50 years old, to-day's modern RV folks can still identify with all the problems & situations that arise from their life on the road. Same problems still apply to-day. A good movie in it's time & still holds up for RV folks needing to touch base with their humorous side of the RV lifestyle. APACHE LAIR STEAK HOUSE WHERE SERGEANT JOHN TOOK US FOR SUPPER

Said good-bye to John about 7:30 & headed for the ranch. Noticed that the wind had finally subsided. Probably won't get over that way again before we leave but it was nice to have met John & his wife Jackie. Sergeant John is the fellow with 2 Hudson Hornet cars that I blogged about last Sunday. Nice folks for sure & maybe see you again in November. Safe RV travels to California next month. THE MOTORMOUSE

Driving home was like being on another planet for us because the sun had gone down & we were surrounded by darkness. It is rare for us to be out after dark anymore. Guess it's just one of those older folks routines we have unfortunately slipped into, but I do miss it. Have always enjoyed night time driving because you get to see the world in a whole new perspective. Stars, moon, farm lights, little towns & neon signs, etc. Years ago when I drove for an Airport shuttle service between Stratford & Toronto Ontario I was on the road a lot in the early to late evening hours. Always looked forward to the later night drives up to the Goderich & Bayfield areas. I miss that part of the job now but I don't miss the heavy stress filled mad traffic chaos in the Toronto area. I still avoid large cities to this day. Been there, done that & don't need to do that no more.................................................

No photos for the web album to-night.


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