Saturday, March 07, 2009


It was not a good night. The big wind hit us again just after midnight & kept up it's relentless howl all night. We had to put both slides in because of the noise & threat of having the slide awnings ripped off. The little Motormouse was scared of all the noisy rocking back & forth so snuggled under the covers as close as she could get. Don't know how many times I was awakened but it seemed like a looooong night. We have been told that March is a very bad month for high winds here in southeastern Arizona:(( It was nice to see clear skies this morning as the sun slipped up & over the Swisshelm mountains. The warming rays felt comforting coming through the motorhome windows & what a relief if was not to feel that relentless battering wind. Slipped over & took the rocks off the chickens, gave the rooster a pep talk, & we were off like a herd of turtles in a cloud of heifer dust on a brand new day. We had discussed heading over east of Douglas to the Texas John Slaughter ranch to-day but as the morning progressed we felt it was probably better to just hang around the ranch & try to get the energy levels back up to speed after last night's wind fiasco. I spent most of the morning & early afternoon reading & snoozing. Read 4 paragraphs & wake up a half hour later. Read some more, wake up some more just seemed to be the order of the day. Kelly was in better shape buzzing around doing this & that & taking care of Deerpark Lodge business on the phone. Around 2 we walked over to the ranch house & popped a DVD into the big TV. La Vie En Rose starring Marion Cotillard is a powerful movie about the extraordinary life of French singer, Edith Piaf. The DVD jacket describes the movie as, "She came from the streets of Paris & survived using the only gift she had...her voice." Seems like we have been having our share of real tear jerker movies lately. Realized as the sun was going down that I hadn't taken any photos for the blog so slipped out beside the rig where I had seen some blossoms earlier on a few fruit trees. Apple blossoms I think. Thought it make a nice touch of early spring for our weather weary friends & family back home. Sure hope the winds don't return in the night......................!!!! No photos for the web album to-night. OUR PHOTO ALBUMS


  1. Ah, thanks for the hope of spring! With another "winter storm warning" starting at 1pm today and snow on the way, it's nice to know spring is coming!!

  2. If you ask real nicely Al, maybe that rooster will give you a nice feather to stick in the band on your old cowboy hat.

    the hermit