Tuesday, March 17, 2009



Checkers, our purebred black & white border collie has always had a Motherly herding instinct. She has been totally fascinated with the chickens ever since we came to the ranch last month. She loves to hang around the chicken pen watching the goings on inside of the 9 hens & single rooster. Late yesterday afternoon as I was sitting at the computer I casually glanced out the window. To my astonishment all the chickens were walking around on the lawn outside their compound. And, there was Checkers right in the middle of all the girls contentedly watching over her little flock. She had finally figured out how to open the wire gate & let the ladies out for a walk. And, she did the same thing again to-day. We may have to consider getting Checkers her very own flock of chickens when we get home. Might have to borrow a couple chickens to take with us on our way home for Checks. Suppose we could always mail them back to the ranch. MORNING WALKS...CHECKERS, MAX, PEARCE, MOTORMOUSE, KELLY & GLEASON

Kelly had a Yoga class this morning in Elfrida & then headed over to Bisbee this afternoon for a little browsing. I stayed home with the furry guys in air conditioned comfort getting caught up on some computer stuff & reading. Sure wouldn't want to be here in July & August but at least there is no humidity turning me into a bucket of paste.

Right leg is still biting a bit but after to-days big rest up (and probably to-morrow too) I will once again be leaping over tall buildings in a single bound. But running faster than a speeding bullet is by now history I'm afraid:((

I think for the first time since leaving home back in November of 08 I haven't fired off one camera to-day so I'm going to have to do some scratching & digging for a few blog pics to-night. Wasn't fast enough on my feet to-day to get a picture of Checkers & her chicken buddies either. Maybe to-morrow:)) KELLY, RAY & JEANNIE.....THE DAY WE GOT SNOWED ON

And speaking of home......I am already beginning to experience the feelings that accompany any upcoming RV move. The sadness of leaving & the excitement of moving on down the road. This time it will be particularly difficult for me because I will really miss the two ranch dogs Gleason & Pearce. And I will miss Ingrid & Tom's dog Corky who comes to the ranch on Sundays. I have a habit of bonding with dogs & it's always hard for me saying good-bye to best friends. Our time here at the ranch has been a wonderful experience for us & we have Doug & JoAnne http://www.mytripjournal.com/travel-430903 to thank for recommending us to Jeannie & Ray, the ranch owners. We have had so many great day trips around the area & thoroughly enjoyed every minute we've been here. Even when we got snowed on last month. That was A-OK because all the snow was gone by early afternoon. We have also met some great people & learned some about chickens, donkeys, horses, cats, & dogs. Learned not to throw a big shovel full of dry donkey poop into a big Arizona wind too. Learned that no matter how hot it gets during the day ya still got to wear your woolies at night. And don't carry eggs in your pockets!! Which reminds me of Calicos In Borrego Springs California where we had our first encounter with an egg pocket. OUR FIRST MEETING WITH JOANNE & DOUG IN YUMA

And there has been all the nice emails & comments from people following our blog. We have met some of those followers & now include them in our growing list of friends. For example I remember the two fellows in Quartzite who rode out of the desert one day on their ATV's & approached me while I was in the midst of putting up some flags on the rig. Figured for sure I was in big trouble again for flying the Canadian flag but it was just a couple of guys who had been following our blog & tracked us down to say howdy. So a big hello out there to Pete & Ed:)) HEY, IT'S PETE & ED IN QUARTZITE

Our focus this summer will be to make it back once again to the southwest in the fall. Our ranch sitting job will be open for us in November & that would make a great start to another adventurous 4 months in some of the gol darn pertiest country this here side of the Pecos...................................................... A CASA GRANDE SUNSET
No photos for the web album to-night.

OUR PHOTO ALBUMS http://picasaweb.google.com/stargeezerguy/

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  1. I'm so glad to hear you being more positive about returning to the southwest. What in the world would I do without your blog to read? Of all the folks who describe the American southwest, yours is the one that "almost" makes me want to be there and see it for myself. You might be able to figure out that I'm not much of a desert person, but I think I would love some of the areas you write about.