Wednesday, March 18, 2009



We knew it was hot out to-day when Kelly opened the barb-e-que lid this afternoon & the sun automatically lit the propane burners. Pearce & Gleason, the ranch dogs barricaded themselves in the cool ranch house & refused to come out. And two of the chickens laid fried eggs!! And you know what, it isn't even the hot summer season yet. IN THE GHOST TOWN OF CHARLESTON NEAR SIERRA VISTA JANUARY 28/09

Spent the biggest part of the morning on the computer gathering to-gether scattered emails, notes, & memos. I'm usually kind of well organized but our 3 email accounts had steadily been getting ahead of me. Should have set up a better system before leaving Ontario but fell into that, round-to-it stage so here I am nearly at the end of our trip organizing files that should have been done at the beginning of the trip. Sound familiar?? I came across a lot of people I had been meaning to email & stay in touch with so I've dashed off some quick emails to see if they are still out there amongst the land of the living. I always have a twinge of guilt if I don't get back to someone who has obviously taken some time out of their day to email us. Am hoping by rounding everyone up into the proper corals I'll be able to keep a closer eye on the herd. I enjoy communicating with people on the internet and don't want to leave anyone out. Just wasn't prepared for the number of emails coming in though. But, no excuses!! IN THE GHOST TOWN OF MILLVILLE

Sometimes there are website links from people in the emails, comments, or guest book pages. Some of those websites have music on them when opened. Our Verizon program allows us 5GB a month for bandwidth. Because I upload a lot of photos we just barely squeak under our quota each month & there is a heavy financial penalty if you go over. In order to wiggle under the line we don't listen to or download any music, podcasts, videos, animated jokes & cards, etc. When I hear music on somebody's website I have to turn the site off because I'm worried about using up bandwidth. This is really unfortunate because there are fellow RV'ers & bloggers out there with great sites that we're missing. No problem looking at these sites when we get home because we're on unlimited cable. But no can do while on the road. Came across some this morning while re-organizing & that is what reminded me of it. IN THE FORT HUACHUCA MUSEUM FEBRUARY 3/09

Kelly's place of employment back home is Deerpark Lodge in Bayfield. It's a seasonal business & that allows us to travel in the winter months. However, Kelly in effect, is still working. All calls to Deerpark are forwarded to a cell phone which Kelly carries with her. She handles all the reservations for the upcoming season so not only travels with a cell phone, but a big reservation book as well. That phone can ring at anytime & anywhere. We could be driving through downtown Indianapolis, eating tacos at Jilbertos in Boreggo Springs California, cresting a mountain road in the Chiricahuas, hiking a mountain trail in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, or fighting a heavy crosswind on a Kansas interstate. Makes no difference to the cell phone, it still rings. People on the other end have no idea they are talking to someone far away in the American southwest. They assume Kelly is sitting in the Deerpark office taking the call. Big surprise when some of them ask about the frigid temperatures & how much snow is in Bayfield. And now that spring is here the phone has been getting steadily busier. To-day's photos show Kelly taking some of those calls in different places we have been while I've had a camera close by. IN THE RIG FEBRUARY 10/09

Watched the second half of the Bob Dylan DVD this afternoon. "No Direction Home" reveals a Bob Dylan that I had always suspected. An ordinary talented guy with a knack for stringing words to-gether in a way that put his inner thoughts & feelings out onto the public stages of the world in a way that clearly shook up a whole generation. He was clearly uncomfortable in front of cameras & silly media questions & spurned the publics determination to turn him into some kind of great guru which he himself knew he wasn't. An honest & unassuming fellow despite all the hype. Great song writer & his music will live on for sure. It's a revealing DVD & I enjoyed it.IN THE DOUGLAS ARIZONA WAL-MART STORE FEBRUARY 8/09

Surprise visitor late this afternoon. Sergeant John stopped in on his way home from Fort Huachuca. I did a blog a few weeks ago about John & his Hudson Hornets. He didn't want us slipping away without saying good-bye. We have a bad habit of doing that so John made sure he was one step ahead of us. That's military training for ya:))

Double checked our medical coverage yesterday & realized it runs out on April 1rst so once we leave here we'll have to make some fast tracks for the Ontario border for sure.


To-morrow will probably be our last trip to Bisbee so we want to slip into the BBC (Bisbee Breakfast Club) where we hear they put up a pretty good lunch special. I have a feeling I might get dragged through a couple thrift stores too. I'm only going to put a dollar in my pocket so I don't get carried away & blow my whole allowance for the week...........................


No photos for the web album to-night.


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  1. Al, i think it is pretty evident to those who visit this blog every day that you spend a great deal of time sharing what Kelly and you are doing and exploring,if that means a missed email i for one fully understand.

    the hermit