Monday, March 30, 2009


I had meant to include a couple travel stats in last night's blog but of course forgot. In case anyone was interested, we put a total of 5,987 miles on the motorhome this past winter. Total cost for gas was $1,552 & maybe another $300 for day trips in the car. Not bad considering how much a week would cost flying to a resort in the Bahamas, Cuba, Mexico, or Barbados, etc. SOME GOOSE ACTION ON THE POND THIS MORNING
Big surprise when we looked out the window this morning. Everything was white!! Had snowed in the night giving everything a very wintery look. It did remind me of Christmas though. The day remained cold & the snow is going to hang around until to-morrow when we'll be up into the low 40's. Last time we had seen snow was back in March during our stay at the ranch in southeastern Arizona. YES, IT'S JUST ABOUT AS COLD AS IT LOOKS TOO AS WE TRUDGE THROUGH THE FOREST
It has taken me 3 days but I am beginning to feel a little normal again. Nice to resume our daily morning walks around the pond, along the creek, & through the pine forest where we live. That jet lag, or in our case, rig lag really knocks the stuffing's out of a person. Brain doesn't function well, short term memory goes into the dumper, irritability levels off the chart, simple tasks suddenly become major confusion, etc. I'll be glad when my tired brain cells have been re-instated & simple tasks once again become just minor confusions!! A FROZEN BIRD'S NEST AWAITS A WARM SPRING FAMILY
Sandra commented on yesterday's blog suggesting we should name our motorhome. It's been in the back of my mind for awhile but her comment brought it to light again. I'm thinking of calling her.......Bisbee. Any ideas folks?? MAX SENSES DEER DURING OUR MORNING WALK
One year ago to-day we had a rather large event going on here at home. Click on this link & scroll two thirds of the way down the page looking for the blog entitled, The Happy Face Of........ "SURPRISE:))" (it's the last blog on the page) A QUIET CREEK WINDS THROUGH THE FOREST BESIDE OUR PATH
For the last two years in a row we have come home to dead van batteries. Both batteries were new & had been kept inside during the winter months. Batteries had been maintained & charged periodically. To-day we had to put our 3rd new battery in the van. Luckily the batts were warrantied. Our garage man told me to-day we would be better off leaving the battery in the van for the winter & just have someone start it up & take the van for a short run every once & awhile. Better for the battery & better for the van. It's very unfortunate but batteries are not built like they used to be. In to-day's throw away society things are made on the cheap for higher company profit margins I guess. WE WALK THIS PATH EVERY MORNING WE CAN
To-morrow I might slip up to our Canadian Tire store in Goderich for a walk around just to really get myself in the groove of being home..............................:))OUR CEMENT DALMATION DOG BLENDS RIGHT IN.....Look for the tiny red collar





  2. Ah--snow! You gotta love it! Your home looks like it's set in a wonderful location-lots of woods and water! The best of all worlds--green in the spring/summer/fall, sun and desert in the winter!
    Bisbee sounds like a good name for your rig--conjours up a lot of good memories!
    Happy birthday, Kelly!

  3. Hi, Al. Your blog is still interesting, even when you aren't traveling! You are a very good writer.

    Just in case you don't know this, one of the great things about Blogger is that you can link directly to any individual blog post, as each one has its own specific address. In the case of the post you mentioned, that address is:

    You can find the address by clicking on the title of any post. Copy the address at the top of the page, and you can use it as a link in a current blog post to jump to a past blog post.

    If you already know that, just ignore me!

    Safe travels,
    Laurie (Rosanna's cousin)
    Oh, PS: I'm going to have dinner with Carol of Paws and Hooves (Rosanna's and Donna's mom) on Thursday night - she is visiting her brother (my father) up here in central California, where we also happen to be.

  4. this is a good example of when classic meets modern in our everyday life. the photos are fantastic! love reading your blog!