Thursday, March 26, 2009



The nasty storm settled down last night about 9 o'clock & by this morning the parking lot had already dried up. Temps were reasonably mild & there was still a solid cloud cover. We had the big wheels rolling by 6:35 a.m. No sign of wild Bill or Hilliary as we rolled through town & headed east on I-30. They must have had other committments:)) THERE ARE A LOT OF ICE STORM DAMAGED TREES IN A WIDESPREAD AREAA FIELD OF PURPLE BESIDE THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER BUT WE DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS

It was a pretty straight forward driving day as we made the big turn to the north from just west of Memphis around 11. The customary wave to Elvis of course. To date we have not stopped even once at a McDonalds. Who would have ever thought that possible. And we breezed right through Texarkana Wednesday without stopping at the Cracker Barrel we usually like. I am very worried now that we may even make it home without hitting a fast food place. Yes, these are strange days indeed!! KELLY TOOK ALL THESE BRIDGE PHOTOS WITH OUR LITTLE CANON CAMERA

It seems every year the truck traffic doubles. I wonder what the folks out west would think if they were to ever drive over this way. I-55 between Memphis & St. Louis was a never ending wonk of heavy truck traffic. Sure doesn't look like the economy has slowed down any. And the drivers haven't slowed down either!! To-morrow morning we do battle in Indianapolis:(( THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER CROSSING

We traveled from Hope Arkansas to Goreville Illinois to-day which turned out to be 562 miles. We knew there was a nice State Park in this area because we had stayed here once before. In December of 2004 on our way back from Big Bend National Park we pulled into this park late on the afternoon of December 31rst. The park was actually closed for the season but the gate was open so in we came. It was New Year's Eve & we were the only one's here. And co-incidentally, we are in the exact same spot we were nearly 5 years ago. We just had Max then & we were driving a small Ford Gulfstream Conquest Class C. The next day we did a really stupid thing.......we drove over 700 miles to get home. Not to worry, we won't be doing that to-morrow because we are older & smarter now, right!! Just want to get Indianapolis behind us & then we'll stop for the night maybe somewhere around Fort Wayne Indiana. Looks like we'll be home sometime Saturday. And the incentive for wanting to get home right now.........big screen TV, big cushy recliner, long hot showers, big double bed, & my very own 25 gallon drum of unconditional peanut butter!! FERNE CLYFFE STATE PARK IN GOREVILLE, ILLINOIS

Rod noticed that I had mentioned last year we would never come home one day before April 1rst ever again but guess I'll have to make an exception because our inside Bayfield sources tell us the snow is all gone & promise there will be no more. WE SPENT NEW YEAR'S EVE AT THIS SAME SITE 4 YEARS AGO

Right now here at Ferne Clyffe it's 70F, the side door & windows are open, spring song birds are in the air, trees are budding, & our paid for electricity doesn't work!!!! Don't ask, I'm too tired...................................

No photos for the web album to-night.



  1. You guys are really travelin! It is true that the easiest driving is usually in the west, and the further east you go the worse it is. Good luck getting through Nap Town, but then you just have a series of places you just want to get through. Good luck and stay safe!

  2. Careful driving on Saturday. We're supposed to get anywhere from 2-4 inches of wet snow...don't know how that will be in IN or MI--if you'll get lake affect snow, depending on your route..supposed to be high 30's- 40's so it shouldn't stay around, but could make driving interesting with a big rig...
    donna in Wi