Friday, March 27, 2009


ME & MY 739th EGG SALAD SANDWICH THIS MORNING HEADING INTO INDIANAPOLIS:)) (and a big thanks to the 9 ranch chickens for making this all possible)

Seems the further north we travel from southeastern Arizona the warmer the mornings are. 54F at dawn & I think that's the warmest of all of our southwestern travels. It's one of the only things in the southwest I don't care for......cooler nights & colder mornings.

Had the big wheels rolling at exactly the same time as the morning before so we were on our way at 6:35 a.m. Immediately noticed how much lighter it was so knew we were heading for a time change which later occurred around Terra Haute in Indiana. That now puts us officially in sync with Ontario time.

It was another good driving day with cloudy skies & dry pavement. The usual egg salad sandwich with my morning 10 o'clock coffee kept me focused & on top of my game. Rig was running fine, Kelly was busy on the computer, & the furballs were all snoozing, so we just put the hammer down & kept on rolling.

Reached Indianapolis about 11:30 & decided on one of 3 possible routes to deal with the city. I-70 goes right through Indy & didn't seem like a good choice because it was a Friday. We knew route 465 North was clogged with construction so that only left route 465 southeast eventually swinging around to the north as the only reasonable choice. Luckily it was the right decision & we were able to motor right through Indianapolis with no problems. The southern by-pass does go south for quite a ways & I thought for sure I was going to see the Gulf of Mexico out the right hand window if we didn't start heading east soon. By noon we were off the by-pass & clear of the city heading north on I-69. Somewhere along the way I had a momentary lapse of attention & we ended up in the suburbs of Auburn Indiana. Despite the startled looks of a few neighborhood elders & frightened children, we managed to get the big monster motorhome off their streets & back out to the Interstate again about 2 miles away.

Kelly, on the internet, found a Wal-Mart listed in the town of Angola ahead so we decided to head there & spend the night. Big parking lot & we have ourselves tucked into a far corner complete with a strip of grass for the doggy guys. Right now the sun is shining, the thermometer tells us it's 64F, motorcycles are on the streets, bugs are on the windshield, noisy hot rods are wizzing around the parking lot, & happy Wally-World shoppers are passing by whistling cheery little springtime tunes:))

We traveled 445 miles to-day. We'll head out in the morning & travel the final 284 miles to Bayfield & home so it looks like this is the last night on the road for us but it will not be the last blog. I'll be back to-morrow night & I'll do another follow up blog on my thoughts & feelings about this past winter's trip. I will continue to blog all through the summer although it won't be on a daily basis. Whenever I come up with something I think is interesting I'll either write or photograph it. It's going to be a summer of future travel decisions & plans for The Bayfield Bunch so stay tuned to see which direction we are headed next.

Now, I wonder if this Wal-Mart has a McDonalds............................................


No photos for the web album to-night but I will put one final trip album to-gether of our journey home shortly.


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  1. I'm watching carefully to see that you don't report having a chicken salad sandwich!

    I hope you post often so I don't have a Bayfield Bunch attack!