Saturday, March 28, 2009



Little did we know last night the Wally-World parking lot was the obvious hang out for all the local yokels & their souped up cars with busted mufflers. From the revving engines & horn honking I know where Indianapolis gets it's drivers from now. It's just a short drive from Angola to Indy!!!! Despite being parked on the edge of hot rod heaven we did manage to finally get some sleep. OUR LAST PIT STOP IN MICHIGAN JUST BEFORE REACHING THE BORDER

We were up by 4:30 & on the road by 5:30. When your that close to home you can just smell it & there was no holding us back. Kelly had looked up a Cracker Barrel in Lansing Michigan & wanted to stop there for a last CB breakfast. I said, "no way, I want my egg salad sandwich!!"...............I'll be getting the stitches out to-morrow:(( SHSSSSS, DON'T WAKE HIM........HE'S SOUND ASLEEP:))

The Lansing CB was easy to find so we Cracker Barreled ourselves one last time until we roll again in the fall. Couldn't finish my skillet though. I think Dolly Parton's wailing & shrieky voice coming out of the overhead speakers killed my appetite. Probably a fine person but her voice just grates on me!!

We got to the border at exactly 10:30 & were lucky because hardly anyone was there & we had a young fellow that was more interested in what kind of dog Motormouse was than the 53 Mexican illegal's we had stashed away under the bed. We were over the border in less than 3 minutes with no hassles. And once again this year if you heard that strange sound in the air this morning, it wasn't the wind, it was just me breathing a huge sigh of relief. Exactly one half hour later you might have heard a strange swishing sound in the air as well. That was just Kelly & I swamping down a great big pail full of Tim Hortons coffee in Forest, Ontario. Yaaaaaaay Canada:)))))))))


The final hours drive from the border home was so relaxing. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning with lite traffic through sleepy rural farmlands. Temperatures were cool but not cold. Slight coloring in the trees lining the fields suggesting early buds beginning to emerge. Couldn't help think it is similar to the Texas flat grasslands though except we have trees & farms everywhere here. We rolled into Bayfield at high noon stopping at Clan Gregor Square to un-hook the car. Just makes it easier getting the rig into the driveway when we reach home a scant couple of miles further.

So nice to come down that final stretch of road & pull into our little community, round a couple corners & then into the rigs parking place beside our carport. Touchdown!! The Bayfield Bunch had successfully completed another southwest travel mission. Again, that huge sigh of relief spreads across the land. For snowbirds like us who still come & go during the season, coming home is always kind of unique experience. We just kind of stepped out of the motorhome looking at everything, remembering this, checking that. The doggy guys were racing around re-familiarizing themselves with everything. Got a huge spring clean up ahead of me but that's ok, I enjoy that. We walked into the house & were amazed how big & roomy it looked. And uncluttered & tidy too, just as we had left it. Sometimes it takes a period of time away from home to really appreciate what you have. IS THIS FOR REAL....ARE WE REALLY HOME??

Rest of the day was spent scurrying around unpacking the motorhome, doing some yard clean-up, trying to get the van started, bringing the motorcycle home from the neighbor's garage, re-connecting all the garden lights, laundry, bringing in the 7.4 tons of food Kelly had squirreled away in the motorhome, etc. etc. etc. & many more etc's. LOTS OF MAIL TO BE SORTED OUT

My brain had long since turned to mush to-day so it fell to Kelly's expertise & patience to get the 3 TV/Stereo remotes all figured out plus give Al a lesson on how to use a desktop computer again. The laptop internet connection had to be re-configured so Kelly took care of that too. I was struggling with trying to figure out how to get my shoes untied when Kelly set me on a chair in the corner, patted me on my wee pointy little head & said, "just relax, I'll take care of everything dear." How come all you women are so darn smart anyway!! HOME SWEET HOME

It's after 9 now, just had a hot shower, favorite tunes on the computer stereo, Kelly's out in the living room watching her shows, doggies are all asleep in their favorite spots, & I'm.........well I'm still trying to untie my darn shoes..............................!!!!

No photos for the web album to-night but don't go away, I'll be back to-morrow night:))



  1. I'm glad you made it home safely, although I'm sorry the US lost you for another season. I hope you keep blogging, even if it's about nothing at all. You got me hooked and I don't want to have to go "cold turkey"! Oh, and your home looks like a beautiful place.


  2. Welcome home guys, we'll be right behind you (in about 25 days or so)!

    Glad you had a good, safe trip and an easy border crossing. Pray for us to have the same!

  3. Glad your safe and sound.

    the hermit

  4. Welcome back to Ontario,Canada. I have been following all winter and enjoying the 8 ft tall snow banks we have here in Kirkland Lake. The banks are still about 6 ft tall at present so you are fortunate yours is almost gone. Enjoy your summer and I look forward to reading from you in the future.
    Wilf Blakey

  5. Did you have that "Easy button" on board guys...Nice to hear it was pretty smooth sailing!!..Take a day off before jumping back in..It's not going anywhere!! lol... J&A

  6. I too am glad you folks made it back home. I was sorry to see you guys "race home" so fast, but time flies when you are having fun. I have to thank you Al and Kelly, for taking me to places in the Southwest USA that I would not have seen otherwise.

  7. Well you two, glad you made it back, but the U.S. won't be as nice without you here. We'll miss you!

    Hope we get to meet up again on your next journey.

    -Jim & Rene