Saturday, April 18, 2009



I first posted this on the blog last summer & since then nothing has changed so it's still current. A lot of RV people seem to be really food oriented so this is my little contribution to the food coffers. The following is a concoction of things that I whoop up every morning for breakfast & been doing it non stop for about a decade now. It has been many, many, years since I've had a cold or the flu or even been sick & I attribute that directly to the following morning shake routine:))

"Sounds yukky-Tastes yummy!!"

One 5 cup blender required & that's where all the ingredients go into:

Add: 1 banana
1 heaping tablespoon of mixed soy & whey powder
(I mix strawberry soy & vanilla whey to-gether)
1 small tablespoon of ground flax seeds
1 small tablespoon of ground raw sunflower seeds
1 small tablespoon of shelled hemp hearts (if I have them)
1 small tablespoon of oatbran
1 small tablespoon of wheat germ
1 big gob of large flake oatmeal
Are you still with me?? I usually combine the flax, sunflower, & oatbran together after mixing them in a coffee bean grinder.

Now comes the veggies................

1 big lettuce leaf. (romaine is best)
1 medium sliced carrot
1 medium sliced celery stick
1 cored apple including peelings

Your blender by now is about two thirds full. To all this I add skim milk to about the half way point in the blender. Hit the "on" switch, buzzzzzzzz, & "WALLAAA" I have myself one mighty fine tasting soy/whey shake every morning.
There are variables here & it doesn't hurt to experiment by adding or subtracting things. Apricot juice instead of milk works great as does orange or apple juice. If strawberries, raspberries or clementine's are in season, I throw a handful of them in as well. Seedless grapes work. If you want to slant the taste towards carrots, just add more carrots etc. The core ingredients for the soy shake though are the banana & the soy or whey powder. From there you can build whatever masterpiece you wish. Throw in some broccoli, etc. (think outside the box:)) Someone suggested apple cider vinegar once so I tried it......didn't work:((

But you can see now why I call it, "Sounds yukky-Tastes yummy!!" I know it's going to be hard for someone to get past the fact that your mixing milk & lettuce to-gether for example, but you've got so many other ingredients in there that you don't even notice the lettuce/milk factor. To me it simply tastes along the lines of a vanilla milkshake. I'm not kidding about all this, I really do mix up & drink one of these great shakes every single morning & have been doing so for about 10 years now. So good luck & happy yummy yukking........................................:))


  1. I don't have a blender or I would try it. I've been thinking about buying a blender or a juicer for several years, but never get around to it.

    You wouldn't make the Paula Dean show with this recipe, you know. Gotta add a pound of butter somewhere for it to pass muster.

  2. I just returned from a two day ride Al and saw the debate on the hat. KEEP it! On those very bright sunny days i am finding it goes along way to shadeing the veiwfinder in the camera.Plus the realy bad sunburn you get if the hairs cut short (or thin in my case)hehe.As for finding a barber on the road thats no big deal Kelly can do it.I'll be 64 in may and have never yet been to a barber! My mother just cuts it.