Friday, April 17, 2009



I have never cared much for hats over the years & remained mainly hatless up until about 3 years ago when we began spending more RV time on the road. Seemed everytime I tried wearing a hat I ended up looking like some kind of nerd pickle or something & it was rare to see me under a hat. But, RVing had a way of changing all that. There are very few RV people out there who have ever seen me without a hat. Maureen from the MnMnM's once remarked, "if you weren't wearing your hat Al you just wouldn't look right. I didn't have the heart to tell her I'm not gonna look right with or without a hat anyway!!

So, what's the deal with wearing hats for RVing & not wearing hats while back home. Well, it's all got to do with good & bad hair days. I'm one of those people with a full head of hair that has a mind of it's own. No matter what my hair looks like when I go to bed at night it does not look the same when I wake up in the morning. I don't know what goes on in the night that wrecks my head up so bad but I'll bet if I set up a web cam it would show a speeding freight train rumbling over my skull or a tornado coming in the window & dancing on my head. My hair resembles an uncontrolled explosion every morning. I look like the proverbial kid who stuck his finger in a light socket & there is no comb, brush, or garden rake, that can do anything about it either. My hair has a natural curl to it & those errant twists & turns can be downright scary in the morning's mirror. Not nice!!

Only one solution to the problem.....water, & lots of it!! My raggle taggle moppity hair is one of the reasons for my daily hot morning shower while living here in the stick house. Water & shampoo is the only way to get my head back under control again for the start of another day. Lots of water & lots of shampoo. Now, that's all fine & good when you have lots of water to work with but when boondocking out in the desert there is no such thing as lots of water.....ever!! Showers may have to be stretched out to around the 4 day mark. If I were to stray outside in those 4 or 5 days without a hat on I would scare the barbs right off the cactus, the rattles right off the rattlesnakes, & the Gila right out of the Gila Monster. I am not a pretty sight in the morning!!

There is just enough of that old long haired hippy left in me to prevent myself from getting a buzz cut but I sure have been thinking about it lately. RVing & short hair just kind of make a lot of good darn sense when ya think about it. Might not have to wear so many hats then & I could get back to just simply looking like a nerd again instead of nerd pickle...............................................:))


  1. Al, keep the hair and the hat; cause I personally really like you in your hat. Doesn't make you look like a pickled nerd at all; well not really anyways... lol! And with the amount of time you spend in the southwest, you and your hat look like you belong.


  2. Al, I vote for you keeping the hat. You look very good in it. I have bad hair in the morning as well, and if I didn't look like such a dork in a hat I would wear one. My job at Lassen this summer is providing me with a hat that I am sure is baseball style, which is even dorkier. It's funny, but when I met Laurie and Odel last week I was wondering how I might look with a short haircut like that. Not exactly a buzz, but really short.

    Anyway, you look good with hair and a hat!


  3. Are you crazy? Keep the hat! If you have short hair while you're traveling, you'll need haircuts, and finding good haircuts on the road is a pain. Pretty soon you'll end up with Kelly cutting your hair, and you'll end up with a buzz cut like Jim over here!

    Long hair is much more stylish...