Saturday, May 02, 2009



As much as I enjoy blogging, it isn't always easy to come up with interesting topics on a regular basis. Easier to do when traveling I think. My blogger dashboard tells me I've posted 410 blogs since September of 07. I probably have another 30 or 40 on Microsoft's My Space as well from a trip to the southwest 3 years ago. Blogging can be a spontaneous thing or a well thought out piece of work with re-writes & edits. I have a habit of falling into the first category but would recommend to new bloggers the second method. The second method will probably save you some embarrassment & regrets. It will also give your blog some spit & polish. I think the best scenario is to write the initial blog & then let it sit for awhile. Put it on a back burner if you wish & let it simmer. Add ingredients such as thoughts & ideas whenever they occur to you. Ideally, let the blog percolate for the night & come back to it the following day after having slept on it. Your final re-write might look a fair bit different than your original draft the day before & chances are you will feel more comfortable before publishing it on the web. For impatient bloggers like myself, the first category is the one into which we generally stumble. Whatever thought process occurs in the cranium instantly finds it's way onto the keyboard, up onto the monitor, & out onto the web. Not always a good thing. Words or phrases may pop into the mind that I normally wouldn't use and whooooops, there they go for the whole world to see. This is where it's important to put your blog on the back burner, give it some time, & then come back to it. Chances are when you read it a second & third time your mind will catch the mistakes & re-write them. This will save you from waking up in the middle of the night with that nagging feeling that you have written something in your blog that really didn't need writing in the first place. Take it from an old blogger who knows about such things. But, it's from our mistakes that we learn....or so I'm told:)) VIEW OF OUR SIDE YARD FROM ATOP THE MOTORHOME

And remember.......Make sure your skills levels match your confidence levels or at the end of the day you may very well end up a disappointed person. Not all people are created with the same abilities. Know your limitations & be realistic with both your optimistic & pessimistic views.......... In my opinion............................ realistic thinking is the key:))

And on a lighter note:
It was once said that a black man would be president when pigs flew. Well behold 100 days into Obama's presidency.............. swine flu!!


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