Sunday, May 03, 2009


I sometimes wonder if the designers & builders of RV's ever actually spend any time living in them. Doesn't take long for even the untrained eye to see where improvements could be made. At first glance RV's look very compact & well thought out. Everything looks so nice, colors match, finishes sparkle, mirrors give the impression of spaciousness. They are heavy into the WOW factor. But, try sleeping on that pull out couch or sitting for any length of time in that tiny tub chair. Better wear knee pads getting in & out of that breakfast nook & don't plan on any extended meals if you don't want to end up with flat buns. There are many classes of creature comforts in the RV's just like cars & in the end you get what you pay for I guess. I've never spent any time in a high end coach but I'm sure they have a superior quality to them. Maybe even pull out couches that are actually comfortable to sleep on.
Space is cleverly maximized by the designers up to a point but for anyone living in an RV.....not cleverly enough. Kelly found another wasted space in the bedroom under a counter top kind of affair. A bedroom stool came with the motorhome that was meant for someone to sit on at this counter & put on make-up or something. It's located at the foot of the bed so you had to be some kind of contortionist to seat yourself on that stool with your legs ramrodded under the counter & do to yourself whatever this counter & stool were intended to help you do. We left the stool at home last year & the space under the counter remained just On Saturday Kelly said, "why don't we put a couple shelves in there or something." Don't know why we hadn't thought of that before. Just one of those Senior moments I guess. First thing this morning I scrounged around gathering up wood for something I would hopefully later call a couple of shelves. Out came the tape measure & the pencil. Straight lines were drawn on wood surfaces & before long the whole park was awakened by Al playing with his power saw again. I even closed the shed's window & door to minimize the sound but it was Sunday so it was extra quiet outside. Tried whistling loud but that just made the whining saw worse. Wasn't until I belted out a few good bars of Johnny Horton's Honky Tonk Man that I overpowered the skil saw & took charge of the air waves. ROBINS NEST IN OUR CAR PORTSome days ya just can't do anything wrong no matter how hard ya try. Geeeeezzz, I like when that happens. All my first measurements were right on, the saw cuts were straight, I actually got all the wood stain on the wood this time, & the squareheaded wood screws even went straight into the wood when I assembled the shelf pieces. The 2 shelves fitted snugly into the space where Kelly wanted & I was even able to get them level & hold them there while I screwed the shelves into place. No, it's not something a professional carpenter would brag about but it's functional, looks OK, puts a feather in my cap, & kept me on an even keel for the rest of the day. Maybe even got me a few extra brownie points with the boss. Geeeezzz, I like when that happens...................................:)) TWO SHELVES INSTALLED WITH 3 OF KELLY'S IKEA TOTE BASKETS ON THEM


  1. Nicely done, any old expert can design a better rocket, but those that have to live in a very confined space for any length of time can appreciate having a place for four tote boxes to put cargo in.It's the little things that make life much more pleasent.

    the hermit

  2. Good looking bunch of Photos...Al awesome....

  3. Can I borrow Kelly to help me figure out how to find space for shelves and maybe a computer desk?