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My very first car in late 1963 was a 1961 blue Volkswagon Beetle. I have been a Beetle fan ever since & that's even before the Beatles landed on the North American shores. Yes, I know it's a bit confusing. WHATCHA DOIN ON THE COMPUTER DAD??

There were many things I liked about my first car & one of them was it's size. Not only easy on gas but easy to park & wash as well. It was the washing part I was reminded of to-day as I stood bucket & sponge in hand, dwarfed by the 12ft high, 8ft wide & 33ft long giant monster motorhome. It looked so big & I felt so small. I was tired out by just the thought of having to wash it. Whatever happened to those days when I could have my Vw bug washed, dried, & half waxed in half an hour. Looking at this big white dinosaur in front of me I knew this was going to take days. I suddenly got even more tired. Oh, to have those 18 year old energy levels back again. PERRIWINKLE

From the time we leave home in the fall until the time we return in the spring I never wash the motorhome. What's the point. Not a lot of extra water floating around in the deserts of the southwest & 5 minutes after you start to wash it the big Arizona winds will just whoop up a big dust storm all over ya anyway!! Besides, we travel a lot of dusty back roads & camp out in the desert so a big shiny white rectangular blimp really looks out of place in Mother Nature's wonderland . Best to have a layer of dust on the rig with some mud on the tires thrown in to blend it all into it's surroundings. And besides, washing it all the time kinda takes away that nice desert pin striping effect we have so dutifully earned. NEIGHBOR'S MAGNOLIA BLOSSOMS

I know some RVers out there who will not drive on a dirt road let alone camp anywhere other than in RV campground with lots of water to wash their rigs when they get there. Guess it's all where one's priorities lie. For some it's more important to have a big shiny looking rig I guess. You folks are sure missing out on the wonders & beauty of nature by clinging to those Interstates & RV Parks. BUMBLE BEE IN THE AZALIA BLOOMS

I was one of those guys who went through that sparkly stage from about 16 to 20 years old spending hours & hours washing, waxing, polishing, & spiffing up my car in a never ending effort to make big impressions. Especially with the girls. That is, if it were possible to do that in a 61 VW Beetle back in the days of big beefy muscle cars. Yes, the competition was stiff alright but me & my little Beetle bug made out alright:)) Luckily I grew out of that sparkly car phase somewhere in my early 20's. Have always kept a vehicle neat & clean inside but if the outside got dirty, it just wasn't really, really, important to me anymore. Besides I've always enjoyed getting off the beaten path & exploring back roads, laneways, bush paths, whatever. Not really conducive to a sparkly car aficionado. The occasional trip to the car wash nowadays is good enough for me.
So, with a huff & puff I started the huge task of cleaning the motorhome to-day. Geeeezzz, why do they have to make them so big. Figured I would do it in stages this time & not try to climb the mountain all in one day. Concentrated my efforts on the front of the rig because that's where the dead bugs were holding their annual dead bug convention by the looks of it. Tried some Turtle Wax Bug & Tar remover & about the only thing that removed was about an inch off each my arms. Remembered I had some Best-Black Streak Remover & that did the trick very well. I know Gypsy just did her 5th wheel with a product she liked & John has a product he readily uses but can't remember the names of them. I think JoAnne & Doug have a magic cleaning product they like as well. So many things on the market these days compared to years ago. BUZZING FROM FLOWER TO FLOWER

To-morrow, if the spirit moves me, I might do the back end of the rig. That will require some step ladder work for sure. Never needed a step ladder with my little 61 Beetle Bug. But then again it didn't have a Queen size bed in it, full washroom with shower, clothes closets, refrigerator, micro-wave, television, etc. etc. But hey, I went to Sarasota Florida & back in the summer of 64 for about $20 worth of gas one time & that's gotta beat how far we go for $20 worth of gas in the motorhome. That's about what it costs to fill up my spare gas can now...........................................:((


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  1. Good luck on your "quest for clean" Al. The product I use is called "The Solution" and their website is here

    I have used a product called "Super 7" with a lot of success on those buggy fronts also.