Monday, May 25, 2009



Couldn't have asked for a better weather day to start my back yard privacy fence project. We're not supposed to put up fences here in the park so I had better get used to calling this a creative outside wood project. It isn't actually a fence anyway. Figured it would not only be nice for us but the neighbors as well giving everyone a quiet privacy factor. DANDELION

Hooked up the utility trailer & slipped over to the lumber store in Clinton about 10 this morning. Five deck posts, 5 cement deck blocks, 4 privacy lattice 4x8 sheets, 8 2x4's, 16 brackets, & a pound of wood screws. Yep, that oughta do er!! Probably took me the best part of an hour just to get the first 8 foot section set up. Hadn't done anything like this for quite awhile so I seemed to be making a lot of measuring mistakes, fumbling with screws, dropping things, & just kind of making a big muddle of everything. By the time I was ready to tackle the second section, I had managed to gather to-gether enough smarts to actually get in the swing of things & from then on the project went smoother. MY PROJECT BEGINS

We have a lot of greenery in our backyard & that made working very difficult because I was trying to be careful & not break down any young trees or plants. Had to get myself into some pretty awkward positions getting the deck blocks on cement patio stones, etc. Plus trying to get the brackets screwed on while sitting on the ground wedged between Sumacs, wild raspberries, poplar trees, a willow bush, & a Gingko Biloba tree that was trying it's darndest to skewer me with it's branches. But, the hardest part is always.......getting up. It seems that at this age & stage of the game once I've got my 212 pounds down on the ground it's no easy matter getting myself up into the vertical position again. I should probably have a cell phone tied around my neck in case I have to call for a front end loader to come in & hoist me back up with it's bucket. Being entangled in all the branches around me didn't make things any easier either. Good thing nobody was around with a video camera or I could have ended up on You Tube as the laugh of the month!! IT'S THAT LAST SECTION ON THE LEFT THAT HAS APPARENTLY FALLEN OVER

Well wouldn't ya know it.......Kelly just came in the computer room with the news that part of my project has fallen over. Well, that's normal. I was a little worried when I had finished up the last section to-day & it was looking tooooooo good. Not normal. I'll deal with the problem in the morning. I"m too embarrassed to go out of the house right now. Oh dear...............................:((



  1. Thanks for the chuckle, Al. I know exactly what you mean by hanging a cell phone around your neck and calling for the front loader. I embarrass myself every time I go outside my 5ver. I think the wood project is looking good.


  2. I just hate it when that happens!!