Tuesday, May 26, 2009



Went to sleep wondering why part of my fence fell down yesterday & woke up with the same thought. I must have been doing a lot of fence sitting in the night. Slipped outside early to have a look around before any of the neighbors gathered for their morning chuckle. ONE OF THE LILAC BUSHES IN OUR BACK YARD

I knew the last 8 foot section was wobbly yesterday but just figured it would be alright until to-day when I could secure it better. I'm still not clear on why it tipped over because it wasn't windy. Could be a small sparrow tried landing on it. I suppose I should have done the deck blocks & poles differently now that I think of it but it's too late for that so I just spent the morning adding supports along the fence. Isn't hindsight a wonderful thing!! I'll put a couple more braces in to-morrow & call it a day on the fence project. Spent the afternoon working on re-landscaping that section of the backyard. I like that part:)) I MUCH PREFER SHOVELS & RAKES TO HAMMERS & SAWS

A neighbor & I decided to split on a load of pea gravel. He was needing some for his backyard paths & I was needing some for our car port plus a section of the driveway where the RV sits. Minimum load without a $55 delivery charge is 10 tons so late this afternoon the big dump truck rolled in with a big honking load of pea gravel. He dumped about 6 tons in our driveway & 4 tons in our neighbors. Now I've got to get busy with my little shovel & wheelbarrow & move 6 tons of pea gravel. (sometimes called pea stone because of it's size) I figure my neighbor & I will have arms like Popeye by the end of the week. Actually it will be good exercise & I don't mind it. And besides, with my neighbor's 4 tons against my 6 tons I should be able to out- Popeye him to bits:)) IT WAS COOL ENOUGH THIS MORNING TO GET A FIRE GOING

Like I was saying just a few blogs ago...."I am at my best when I have some kind of challenge in front me." This fence project & upcoming gravel disbursement is just what the doctor ordered & despite some aches & pains I'm feeling not so quite bored this week. Just gotta figure out a way to keep the momentum going...........:)) OK, SO IT'S ANOTHER 10 SECOND BREAK!!

I'm going to add a few more pics to the web album to-night.
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  1. I think the fence looks good.

    About the Popeye muscles, they go away when you stop exercising them. I was so proud of my toned up arms when I was cleaning the rig every day, but I think they are gone now and look like an old lady again :~)))

  2. Love your fire pit area...Had Sherri take a look at it and she liked it so much she wants me to do one for our new place.