Wednesday, May 27, 2009



I knew I would have to be fast on my feet this morning when I checked the local weather on the computer. Lots of rain headed our way with short breaks between the showers. Had a lot of pea stone to move so played cat & mouse with the big rain monster. Sometimes the mouse managed to move 4 or 5 wheelbarrow loads before getting swamped on by the great waterfall in the sky. Despite a raincoat I still ended up changing to 3 dry shirts eventually. There was no rush to move the pea stones but I woke up with the bit in my teeth this morning & just wanted to get outside & get at it........rain or shine!! Between downpours I zipped into the house & dashed off a few emails until the rain quit again & then back outside shoveling furiously before the next deluge. Finished the carport & am now working on putting pea stone around the newly renovated firepit area. Managed to replant some ferns & help a friend out with his Picasa photo program for a couple hours along the way too. AND THIS IS PEA STONE

I came across Joe & Sherri's blog last night......Somewhere In Time I liked what Joe wrote about this past Monday when he expressed his thoughts & feelings about the problems of aging. The transition from younger man to older man that is being experienced by so many of us RV folks. The slow loss of independance & as Joe puts it, slipping down a rung of the ladder. NEED SOME HELP DAD?? YOUR LOOKING A LITTLE SOGGILY POOPED

Is anyone else out there as confused about garbage bag sizes as I am!!!! Ever since our local garbage collector made everyone change from green garbage bags to clear garbage bags awhile back we've had a heck of a time finding the right size to fit our garbage can. It's doubly confusing up here in Canada because of all this centimeter & liter stuff. For example what is this 66cm x 91cm or 26po x 36po stuff all about. I know what po is because that is what I am right now about all this!! And 133 liter bags. What are ya going to dump in that one, an old Volkswagon!! One lady wanted us to measure the width of our garbage can which was a nineteen & a half inches. She said a 26 inch bag would didn't!! We've got garbage bags coming out our ears & none of them fit. Whaddya do with 57,492 garbage bags ya can't use. Then we decided to get a bigger sized garbage can with a lock proof lid to keep the coons out. So what are we gonna use for bags in that one......parachutes, because we later find out the store that sold the garbage can doesn't have the bags to fit them now. "Awwww rubbish" I said to the clerk. "Isle 42 section A sir for the rubbish department" she said to me. Ya, just as I thought.....& exited the store!!OK GUYS LET'S GO GET SOME COFFEE & DOGGY BISCUITS

To-morrow morning I'm off to London's University Hospital with a lady in the mobilty van. That will give me a nice break from fencing & wheelbarrowing for a few hours & also give me a chance to see if the farmers are planting their crops right side up this year. Hey, don't laugh, last year I saw a farmer sticking car fenders in his field & it turns out he had a bumper crop:)) FINALLY GOT THE CARPORT DONE

And this traffic advisory just landed on my desktop. If your out in South Dakota at the moment & traveling on I-90 you had better listen up.......

Interstate 90 across the State of South Dakota will be closed from 0800 hrs until 1700 hours on the 28th of May 2009 while they will be attempting to haul a 60,000 ton lump of granite rock across the state so they can add President Obama to Mt Rushmore..... :))



  1. Hi, gotta laugh about the garbage bag sizes, I'm with you on that. It's been about 35 years now since metric was introduced and I still don't have a clue about it. When I hear on the news that the police are looking for an escaped killer who is approx. 168cm tall, I don't know if the guy is a giant or just a little guy!

  2. Al, I know you are a few years younger than I am, but where in the heck do you get all your energy? I lost most of mine a while back.

    I really dislike the metric system, even after living with it for 3 yrs in Ireland. Grams? Kilos? Temperatures in C rather than F? Km I can deal with, but not on the speedometer. I'm terrified the US will finally join the rest of the world while I'm still alive!