Thursday, May 28, 2009



I generally start my day with Goober, Floyd, Howard, Barney, Opie, Aunt Bee, & Andy at 5 a.m. Back to back episodes of the Andy Griffith Show followed by an interesting hour long program called Flightpath (about aircraft) lead into 60 minutes of laughs with Sam, Norm, Cliff, Woody, Carla, Rebecca, Frasier, & Liluth at the Cheers bar in downtown Boston. Nothing like that whistling tune of the Andy Griffith Show & the Cheers theme song to get anybody's day started off on the right foot. By 8 a.m. I'm armed with a good attitude (as long as I don't watch the morning news) & haul myself out of my recliner & take on another day of life's challenges which in turn reminds of the phrase, some days are better than other days.......sometimes!!

To advertise or not to advertise on the blog is something I've been thinking about for a long time. Personally I prefer to read blogs that are not cluttered with distracting, confusing, & uninteresting ads. I have come across some blogs that were so loaded with advertising it was hard to find the writer's actual blog. I have a short attention span for that sort of thing so just kept right on going. The advantage of advertising of course is the extra revenue for the RVing blogger. And we all can use extra income for sure. I guess if it was something I personally believed in or used I might consider it but until then I prefer the appearance of a clean non cluttered blog. Some blogs have music playing when you open them so I generally pass those blogs as well because when we are on the road with our limited bandwidth Verizon internet program every megabyte of use becomes very important & I don't want them used up by somebody else's music preferance. Besides, the music can become very annoying........very quickly!!


Well, I really botched that President Obama joke in Wednesday's blog. When that joke landed on my desktop it said they were moving a lump of coal to Mount Rushmore. Of course my logical mind read that & couldn't make the connection between a lump of coal & Mount Rushmore because we all know those famous Presidents were carved out of solid rock, not coal. Just figured the joke writer had chosen a poor example of rock so I went about re-writing the joke to say they were moving a large piece of granite rock. Afterall, the jokes focus was about President Obama being on Mt Rushmore......right?? Hmmmmm!! It wasn't until this morning when Kelly brought it to my attention about the connection between the coal's color & President Obama that I got the meaning of it. Now, here's the question......Would I have still included that joke in the blog if I had known the connection between the coal's color & President Obama. No, I would not have put it in the blog because it is obviously a very slanted rascist remark & I don't believe in that kind of thinking.

Nice drive to London's University Hospital with the mobility van in pouring rain this morning. At one point north of the city cars were pulled off on the roadside because of poor visibility. Lots of standing water in the fields & I also noticed the newly planted corn is up about 2 inches already. That rain continued until well after I was home so didn't get much done on my backyard project. Dumped 2 wheelbarrow loads of pea stone & that was it. Looking like a great weather day to-morrow so I'll have that wheelbarrow & shovel just a smokin first thing in the morning. Well, right after Norm & Cliff leave the bar that is:)) MANAGED TO SPREAD SOME MORE PEA STONE LATE THIS AFTERNOON

And remember, as of to-day there are 210 days left untill Christmas so you had better get your list started.



  1. I tried the Adsense ads, didn't earn anything and they kept sending emails of things to do that were too complicated for my pea brain.

    I wholly agree with you about the sites with music and I've gotten a couple of people to take the music off and it really is annoying! I usually have my sound off but when we're on our own satellite I usually don't read them. Right now we have good wifi at the CG we're at.

    This rain is getting really tiresome!

  2. I thought about the joke for some time, and didn't get it. I finally gave up on it. Your right, about not posting it in its original form.
    I too kill web sites that stream music. Just turning off the sound doesn't stop the download. On the verizon card, we can use our 5 gig way to quickly, when on the road, without senseless offensive streaming.

  3. The music sites don't last long on my screen - just about as long as it takes for a 'mouse' click! They are super-annoying!

  4. Thanks Al for giving me the "heads up" on the music. I just removed the music from my blog.
    I don't have a following as you and many other RV'ers who have blogs, but if I can save one person the annoyance of the music it was worth it.
    By the way, we are almost neighbors. I live a little south of you across the big lake in MI.

  5. I also use a Verizon Air Card. Because of the limits I never open any video links that a blogger may post. I have left blogs, to never return, when the level of videos became the blog rather than a written description.