Friday, May 29, 2009



Decided to take the big wheels for a drive this morning. First time the rig has been on the road since our return at the end of March. Everything checked out & ran smooth as toast. I could tell she just wanted to keep on going & going & going. Remember Nancy Sinatra's song, "These Boots Are Made For Walking??" Well, these Motorhomes are made for driving.....10-4:)) THIS LONE SAILBOAT RACES FOR SAFE HARBOR IN FRONT OF THE APPROACHING STORM

It has always amazed me how our yard outside can go from absolutely barren, gray, & desolate looking in the winter time to a lush emerald green tropical jungle look just a few months later. It is the upside of living in a land of changing seasons. The weather never really has time to get too boring & to-day was a good example of that. It was a picture perfect sunny day but about mid afternoon I thought I heard thunder out over the lake. Checked the weather map on the computer & sure enough we had a storm bearing down on us. Grabbed a camera & drove the short 2 miles over to Deerpark Lodge on the cliffs overlooking Lake Huron & snapped a few pics. Minutes later the rain was upon us & less than an hour after that we were in brilliant sunshine again. Gotta love this kind of weather. I'M DOING THE DRIVING THIS MORNING & THE BISBEE KIDS AT LOWER LEFT ARE WATCHING THE ROAD

Have you ever noticed that even though you are retired you still look forward to Fridays even though your not in the 5 day work loop anymore. TGIF:)) That is something ingrained in all of us right from kindergarten or grade one. We live our whole lives based on a 5 day school or work week with 2 days off on what we call a week-end. That is basically the rule for as long as we live. In latter years when many people retire & are no longer in the weekly grind they still look forward to Fridays & the end of the week. Makes no difference if every day is the same now, we still get that revved up feeling as the week-end approaches. TGIF....Thank Goodness It's Friday:)) MAX'S EARS ARE UP AS HE SENSES DEER AHEAD ON THE FOREST TRAIL

Funny how things work sometimes. Two days ago I was standing in our back yard thinking I should really go out to the bush & dig up some ferns to plant along the new privacy fence. To-day the phone rings & it's my friend Bruce on the other end saying his wife has just dug out a bunch of ferns in a neighbor's garden & if I don't want them she's going to take them to the dump. Have you ever seen a vapor trail behind a mini-van!! I was over there in a flash & ended up bringing home about 40 ferns. Like I said, funny how things work sometimes..........................................:)) THIS MORNING'S DEW ON A SPIDERWEB


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  1. Keep turning the key and making sure it still runs. Eventually you'll have those wheels pointed south once again. Can't wait!