Monday, May 11, 2009


I think we must have had a welcome visitor during the night. I sleep right next to the computer & had left a window at the foot of my bed slightly ajar. I never heard or saw a thing in the darkness. Not even the soft flutter of her wings or the radiant glow that would have enveloped her. In fact I never suspected a thing until we turned on the computer this morning......and it was working perfectly. How could that have happened!! Just last night it had been giving me such a hard time with it's agonizing slowness. And yet this morning websites were opening right up & emails were flying in like crazy. There was only one logical explanation. the good computer fairy from the east had flown through our open window last night, sprinkled a pinch of magic wiffle dust on our computer & made everything right again. It is not often that happens but when it does it sure restores my faith in fairys. Yes Santa there is a Tinkerbell:))

Cold gray morning with some drizzle in the air but I hooked up the utility trailer & headed on over to Deerpark Lodge anyway. Leaves to be raked, a swimming pool area to be cleaned, photos to be taken, & some small scrub trees to be cut down. I was working on the last small tree when my saw became wedged & I broke the chain off so that was the end of my tree cutting for the rest of the day. Just as well because it was on the side of steep hill & the branches & vines were beating me up & tiring me out pretty good. Luckily before leaving the house this morning I had stuck a wad of gum on the bottom of my foot to plug the hole where all my energy had been draining out lately so I was able to put in a reasonably good day & was able to work right through from 9 to 4 before coming home & doing my usual 180 double back flip into the recliner.

Deerpark Lodge is perched high atop a bluff overlooking Lake Huron & is a very scenic place to work if you like the outdoors. I don't mind going over & helping out in the spring & fall because no one is there yet & the grounds are very quiet & peaceful. But during the summer months the place is a real bee hive of activity. It's family oriented so there are a lot of kids flying around upside down all over the place. Needless to say I am very seldom there during the months of June, July, & August.
Kelly manages the Lodge & for any of you people out there who work with the public you know how absolutely frustrating that can be. Not an envious task but from the time we get home in the spring until the time we head for the southwest again in the fall she just goes full tilt doing the absolute best for the guests she possibly can. She has the patience of a Saint, the understanding only a Mother of 5 could have, the determination of an ant moving a mountain up a hill, & the steely resolve of a Texas Judge to keep everything functioning smoothly despite adverse conditions at times. She's quite an amazing little person & when we got married years ago I sure got the best part of the deal:)) THIS WAY TO THE BEACH
To-morrow will be a general repeat of to-day so as long as I keep that wad of gum stuck on the bottom of my foot I should be able to pack in another 6 or 7 hours of some good old physical work..........................just like the old days:)) (well sort of)



  1. Al, you come up with the BEST titles for your blogs!

    Having lived in Ireland for 3 years, I have to admit that I believe in fairies and have been on the receiving end of their kindnesses and their amusing tricks many times. I'm going to schedule a visit from Tinkerbell because my computer goes bonkers sometimes. On one particular blog I read the photos only load about 1/3 of the way down and that's it! Drives me crazy!

    Great blog today, as always.


  2. My computer seemed to be really slow yesterday also. I figured it had to do with the volume of people in contact with their Mothers for their special day. Who knows, just my figurin,,,


  3. I'm happy that i can tell my wife not to throw the computer out the window...She gets so upset paying for this super speed thing and yesterday i think it was slower than dial up and with shakes and stumbles....LOL..Someone/Something is getting VERY rich!!