Sunday, May 10, 2009



It was a cloudy & cold morning as Kelly headed for Cambridge to spend Mother's day with 3 of her 5 children. A daughter in Vancouver & another in Spain could only wish their Mom well from afar. KELLY'S YOUNGEST SON, BEN

I stayed home with the furry guys & did battle with the computer for the day. Our connection problem comes & goes as the cable signal strength seems seems to fade in & out. Sometimes websites will open & other times they take forever. And sometimes they won't open at all. Cleaned up all the wiring under the computer desk in the morning making sure all plugs were tight & wires not pinched anywhere. Even tried out a different router to see if that would help out the remote lap top computer. Did a couple system restores & half a dozen other things but to no avail. The connection remained sporadic. I was in an amazingly patient mood throughout all this so no equipment ended up getting damaged & I myself remained un-injured. About 2:30 the cable guy showed up with a new modem. He was pre-convinced it was a modem problem so installed an updated modem, quickly checked his companies website, declared the problem solved, & headed out the door. (it was Mother's Day & he was probably anxious to get home) I was not as convinced about the modem fix so immediately sat down at the computer & tried some websites......#*!!^%#:?*%$ The problem was not fixed!!!! The connection was still weak, ebbing & flowing like a proverbial tide. So, to-morrow it's another phone call to the cable company to trouble shoot this thing further. I don't have to tell you how frustrated we are!! KELLY'S OLDEST SON, JASON ON THE LEFT. MISSING ARE SABRA'S TWIN, SARAH IN VANCOUVER & KELLY'S YOUNGEST DAUGHTER, REBECCA IN SPAIN.

To-morrow will be another grounds clean-up day at Deerpark Lodge. Some small trees to come down & a cabin is being re-located by movers so I'll be busy documenting that with my camera. Some major re-construction projects going on there & everything has to be photographed. That kind of photography is easy stuff & no stress. I tried doing some weddings many years ago & absolutely hated it. Thought maybe portrait photography was in my cards but it didn't take me long to figure out that I just was not a people photographer. Turned my camera to-wards Mother Nature & she welcomed me with open arms......................:))



  1. Kelly, i never had the chance to see your family till now. One thing in particular i notice, they all have inherited that great smile you have.

    the hermit

  2. Love the name SABRA!!! She looks and wears it Amazingly!! We chose unique names for our children and WoW...I didn't realize the initial reacton they would get!!..O well..takes strong people to have strong names!!! And i guess our family doesn't just fit into the norm either...(good thing) Keep those photos coming...;)