Saturday, May 09, 2009



It's been one of those up & down weather days. Pouring rain, blue skies, gray skies, sunshine, & fog. Temps have dropped so it's turning out be an inside day. We hadn't gone far on our morning before a clap of thunder sent Checkers & the Motormouse scurrying back to the house with Max, Kelly, & myself in close pursuit as the sky opened up with a deluge of water.

Want to say thank-you to the folks who sent us some really nice comments & emails about our blog this past week. Your words go a long way for me because I am my own worst critic & often question whether some of my blogs are too silly, too boring, or too opinionated. I try to make them interesting by varying the subject matter as well as the photos. I try NOT to make the blog predictable with the same routine day after day. I enjoy blogging & photography so it's nice to receive feedback from people with their thoughts & suggestions on how to make our website better. I'm sure most other bloggers feel much the same about their blogs. Thanks folks....much appreciated:))
Kelly's daughter in Spain came across an interesting & informative RV Travel blogsite recently & sent us the link this morning. This southern Ontario couple travels the American southwest & has actually been written up in the New York Times. I'm sure some of you folks are already familiar with frugal-rv-travel Looks like a great site & we are looking forward to picking up some good tips. And co-incidentally, these fellow snowbirds only live a couple hours drive from us.

We have been having some kind of connection problem for the past few hours & suspecting a modem problem. The Tekky guy is coming early to-morrow afternoon to swap out the modem & do some additional trouble shooting. I'm going to try & upload this blog to the web so we'll see what happens.............

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