Wednesday, June 24, 2009



It's been nearly a month now since fellow RV blogger Gypsy97 headed off to Lassen Volcanic National Park in northeastern California for a summer job & disappeared off our cyber radar screens. She is doing well & sent us the following email this morning which I'm sure she wouldn't mind me posting here.............................. "I came to Sacramento for the birth of my granddaughter (9:17 pm yesterday). I'll be here for a couple of days before heading back to Lassen Volcanic National Park. I love it there, although I have no electricity (also troubles with the generator), no cell phone & no internet. I'm supposed to use the Park radio that was issued to me to keep in contact, but I am at such a secluded spot the radios don't work all that well. Love the folks I work with, the campers are generally nice, but once in a while I have to deal with stuff.It is really a paradise up there and I'm looking forward to returning for a few summers to come. I have been keeping an update for my blog, and will try to get it posted before I leave Sac. It'll be a long one, but I will divide it up into smaller parts. Left my reading glasses back at the Park so I will have to buy yet another set of drugstore glasses to see what I'm doing. (I can barely read what I'm typing here, but you will get the picture.)I miss y'all too, but I will be back." Gypsy When I hear the chorus of songbirds outside my window in the morning I know it is 5 a.m. & time to roll out another new day. I don't know exactly why I get up that early but I just do. Figure if I were to sleep in till 9 or 10 I would probably think I had died & figure the day was half over anyway so what's the point of getting up. Well, that's my logic anyway.

Disappointed this week to find out my back to back 5 a.m. Andy Griffith TV shows have run their course & been replaced by something called Matlock which I have no interest in. Oh well it's just nice to sit quietly by the open patio door & listen to the morning's early song birds. Even the old noisy crows have their kaaa kaaa-ing song parts in the treetop symphony of sounds. Sandra's blog yesterday mentioned a common nuisance for this time of year & for the rest of the summer as well. "BUGS" Our morning's walk yesterday was brought to an abrupt halt when we entered the pine forest. I was immediately swarmed by cluster flies, mosquitoes, & flying hippopotamus's which are brought on by warmer humid weather. One of the reasons we like the American southwest so much in the winter is it's lack of bugs. Walking, hiking, & all outside activities are always pleasurably bug free:)) Spent some time motoring through our beautiful rural farmland again this morning. Crops are quickly emerging from farmer's fields & acres upon acres of waving grass are already being cut for feed & hay. An eye catching swatch of bright yellow on the horizon turned my attention to a large wild mustard crop amid a sea of greens for as far as the eye could see. Many farms along the roads compete for attention with their sweeping mowed lawns, stately maple trees along gravel lanes & colorful flowerbeds around the houses. Cattle & horses lazily graze in sun splashed pastures. It all makes for beautiful country scenes you may only see on picturesque calendars. I really must get out there with my cameras & take some pictures.

TO-DAY'S PUN...... Two peanuts walk into a bar, and one was a salted.

And did you know there are 206 bones in the adult human body and there are 300 in children (as they grow some of the bones fuse together).



  1. Hey, I like Matlock, what channel is he on!! Out here it will be at the more civilized hour of 7:00AM

  2. Good to know the Gypsy Girl is alive and well. I know what you mean about those ding dong bugs....we are surrounded by them here at the river. The just all seem to adore me!LOL