Thursday, June 25, 2009



Ho Ho Ho...........6 months from to-day will be Christmas. I didn't get any pictures for the blog to-day so have included some pics from Christmas Day 2 years ago in 2006 when the Bayfield Bunch was staying in Pancho Villa State Park in Columbus, New Mexico. We had gone to a Christmas Day dinner put on by a volunteer group of town's people at the local hall. After the turkey dinner we heard what we thought were sleigh bells on the roof & the next thing we knew Santa Claus blew through the front door with a big sack of presents for everyone. Kids & Seniors alike all ended up on Santa's knee that day including Kelly & I:)) HELP, GET ME OUT OF HERE!!

It's been about a month since I last took the motorhome for a run so took it out for the 16 mile around the country block tour this morning. Everything checked out fine & the rig ran like a fine tuned swiss watch. We have been very pleased with this coach since purchasing it used back in April of 2007. It's not a high end motorhome & the workmanship & materials used in the coach are nothing to write home about but the Chevy Workhorse chassis, Vortec engine coupled with an Allison transmission, have been very smooth & reliable. SOME LOCAL ENTERTAINERS

I couldn't help but think as I was driving along this morning how much I wished we were still on the road traveling somewhere. I've been to Canada's east coast several times but Kelly has never been there. I have always wanted to return to British Columbia for a visit since leaving there in 75 too. Would like to travel the coastline of Oregon & Northern California as well & summer is really the best time to do that. Montana, the Dakotas, Washington, Wyoming, Idaho, & others await. When I look out the window & see the motorhome just sitting there month after month it just kind of drive's me buggy. So much to see & do yet & so little time left to see & do it all in!! That economic downturn last September & the winter's downslide of the markets sure rocked us back on our heals & forced us to re-consider our future plans. I'm still hopeful though that we will have many years of mountains & canyons in our future. Sitting at home watching the world pass us by is not an option!!!!

Heard thunder out over the lake & noticed dark skies to the north in the direction of Goderich late this morning. Had some errands to run in Goderich anyway so grabbed my cameras & headed off in hopes of getting some storm pictures on the beach there. As I approached the harbor area the rains came & within minutes it was raining so hard I couldn't get out of the van anyway. What I didn't know was that back in Bayfield the town was being pummeled by hail. Just as well I didn't know that because I would been going bonkers worrying about our solar panels on the motorhome's roof being smashed. I saw what hail did to Kelly's car years ago so I know the damage hail can do. By the time I got out of Wal-Mart & headed back to Bayfield the storm was over. It was later reported on the local 6 o'clock news that a tornado touch down had destroyed a house about 60 miles inland from us. Soon as I got home I scampered up the rig's ladder onto the roof & much to my relief the solar panels had withstood the hailstones & were fine.

And Ontario's liquor stores have averted the big bad booze strike so countless thousands of hard core drinkers have stepped back from the brink of absolute panic & are once again comfy in the knowledge they will have a perfectly normal alcohol infested summer after all................................



  1. All I want to know is....did you get what you asked for???

  2. Sure glad that liquor strike got settled. I don't think Ontario could have survived all the sweatin' and shakin' that might have gone on all summer! Your post raised my 2 biggest weather fears - hail and tornadoes. Hope I never see either!