Friday, June 19, 2009


It's already 8 p.m. & I haven't come up with an idea for a blog yet so I'll just post some pics on the site that I took this afternoon of Bayfield in a little 10 minute walk-a-round in the center of town.

I'm going to post the pics in a small/medium format & see if that will make them clickable to enlarge. I know I used to able to do this quite awhile ago but not sure if my Picasa is running just a hundred per cent so this post might be a bit of a mish mosh as I see what will work & what won't. I'm not even going to try getting captions under these pics but will put all the photos in a June Web Album maybe next week...................

Try clicking on the photos to enlarge them

Yes, I know I have one of the photos in here twice but I'm tooooooo tired to try & dig it back out. And I also know I will not be trying this little photo experiment again!!

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