Tuesday, July 21, 2009



It's been awhile since I've had to get up early for my job but I was on the road by 8 this morning on my way to pick up a young fellow & his nurse with the mobility van. They were off for a day at Church Camp on the shores of Lake Huron. Nice morning for a drive & it was paved scenic back roads all the way. Great way to start the day. Brought the van back home with me because I had to return at 4 & pick them up. Same thing to-morrow & Friday. THE CAMP'S BUNKHOUSE COMPLETE WITH LOTS OF LAUNDRY.....MEMORIES OF CAMP HUH:))

Watched the International Space Station fly over last night again. When we lived in the old farm house years ago we used to see it lot because we didn't have any trees to block the view like we do here. You can see the space station as well. First, you will need to know when the ISS will be visible in your night sky so if you go to SPACE STATION you will see on the left side a place to click on under "Sighting Opportunities." Select your country & then what city you are near. You will get a schedule of when the Station is in your neighborhood plus which direction it will enter & exit the sky. It will tell you how many degrees high it will be & how long it will be visible for. It's a tad brighter these nights because the space shuttle is docked to it making it easily identifiable. There is no mistaking the ISS from all the satellites tracking around the sky because it is very visibly bright & hustles right along. I might try following it with my telescope to-night because I'm curious to see what color socks the astronauts are wearing to-day. Ya right!! RESIDENT SPIDER (LOWER LEFT) WITH ALL IT'S CAPTURED YUMMY GOODIES ABOVE IT

Still no responses to my motorcycle for sale add so I pulled it off the internet a few days ago. We are a 20 cylinder family & it is still by far the cheapest way to go anywhere. Might get a little cold & wet on the way with a few bugs in the teeth & hair that looks like the east end of a horse's mane going west but that's the way it is & that's the way it will be!! Wished there was an easy way to take it with us to the southwest in the winter but there isn't. Our motorhome & car work really well to-gether at the moment without adding another 600 pounds of motorcycle to the back of the rig. Had thought about towing a trailer big enough for the car & bike inside but that would be way to costly for us & add a lot of stress to the rig. And like everything else, there would be a whole list of pros & cons to go along with the whole venture as well adding even more people stress for us. THIS YOUNG ROBIN IS JUMPING FOR JOY AFTER HIS SATURDAY NIGHT BATH

Traveling with bicycles is something Kelly & I don't see quite eye to eye on. She likes to take them & I would prefer to leave them at home. They take a real road grime beating on the back of the rig plus we don't use them very often. Different if we were going to an RV Park & sitting there for 4 months with nothing to do but ride bicycles around the park block 105 times a day!! Oh well, it's just another little thing on my honey-list of un-winnable discussions:(( NEIGHBOR'S RED LILY

GROANER'S CORNER: What do you call a melon that's not allowed to get married? Can't elope.

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The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now......AL.


  1. I'm so in love with that new camera of yours.....doing an awesome job!

  2. Thanks for the link to the Space Station. How fun! Now if only the clouds would disappear....

  3. Our local TV station likes to tell us when we can see the space station, but it's usually for six seconds way low on the horizon, and I'm never sure what direction we are looking anyway, so we don't bother. We stopped one evening along the highway to watch MIR streak across. It was high in the sky well after dark, so it was no challenge at all.

    Thanks for all your pix ... and the daily groaner!