Monday, July 20, 2009



Bit of rain in the night to freshen up a sunny Monday morning. Kelly didn't have to go into work until noon so we actually had the whole gang out walking on the trail this morning instead of just me & the two big furry guys. THE LITTLE MOTORMOUSE IS HALF ON & HALF OFF CHECKER'S BED

Our frog pond in the front yard had become all but invisible this summer with all the growth around it. Hard to gain access to it let alone even see it so out came my saws, clippers, rakes, & shovel, We had planted a Daphnia shrub on the north side of the pond closest to the house about 6 years ago & it had become too huge. The winter's snow laid a bad beating on it the last couple years & we had it's sagging branches tied to-gether with miles of binder twine. Decision was made this morning......& out came the Daphnia. For me, destroying a plant is the absolute last option but sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do. Had the root system not been so intense I would have tried transplanting it but by the time I hauled it out of the ground the Daphnia was well on it's way to that big warm greenhouse in the sky. MONDAY'S FINISHED GARDEN PROJECT....THERE WAS A HUGE DAPHNIA WHERE THOSE CEMENT SLABS ARE NOW

We have some fair size frogs in that little pond & while working away a big one swam across the pond toward me. He just kept on coming as he scrambled up out of the water & over the pond's rock edge. It was obvious I had trespassed onto his territory & he wasn't backing down. Just short of my boot he stopped & with all his frog intensity totally focused those two big bulging eyes on me. Oh Oh, could this be an attack frog. I gingerly took a step back & he boldly took a hop forward. Five more steps & 6 more hops. This was getting serious!! A loud croak from the pond probably saved my life as it momentarily distracted him & I was able to make my get-away. By the time I came cautiously back he had taken up position on a rock beside the pond & there he remained for the next several hours while I worked away on my little garden pond landscape project. I later detected a tiny green smile on his little frog face when he realized I was actually making his world a bit nicer for him:)) THIS LARGE ATTACK FROG IS HAULING HIMSELF OUT OF THE POND TO GET ME!!

Once again I would just like to say thanks to everyone for all the favorable comments & emails. Thanks to the folks on the Follower's list as well for taking the time & having the interest to read our blog. And to Donna out there somewhere.....yes, that young Robin's picture in yesterday's blog was taken with my Nikon D40 attached to my Nighthawk telescope. EVEN MR. GARDEN SLUG DESERVES TO HAVE HIS PICTURE TAKEN

Had an email to-day from a blog follower who saw the photos I took last Saturday at the Goderich Car Show. He included 4 photos of a 1936 all Stainless Steel Ford so I have uploaded those pictures & info about the car to our CAR SHOW ALBUM. Only 4 of those cars were ever built. The pictures are at the end of the album. THIS IS CHECKER'S FAVORITE SPOT IN THE FRONT YARD UNDER A BIG CEDAR

GROANER'S CORNER: A Blonde was weed-eating her yard and accidentally cut off the tail of her cat which was hiding in the grass. She rushed her cat, along with the tail over to WAL-MART! Why WAL-MART??? Because WALMART is the largest RETAILER in the world!!!



  1. Thanks for the tour of your frog pond - that's a great pic of the "attack frog". Checkers looks very content under that cedar tree.

  2. You have a beautiful garden. The attack frog reminded us of our President Carter's attack rabbit several years ago. He had a harder time retreating because (I believe) because he was in a canoe. The President, not the rabbit.

    Enjoyed your car show pix - we toured a great car show in Carson City, Nevada a few years ago. Those classic car buffs take really good care of their buggies!