Sunday, July 19, 2009



It's one of those days that had a hint of early fall. Temperatures were cool under a heavy overcast this morning. As a rule the season begins to change about mid August with the coming of colder nights & cooler days. I have a feeling it may be earlier this year because we have not really had any summer weather. I have always liked the first stirrings of early Autumn in the late August air. There is a cozy feeling about it, a sense of quiet as the hustle bustle & stress of summer draws to a close. It is not only a change of seasons, it signals the coming change of mundane routine as well. And it's this change I look forward to. Time to shake off the lethargic summer & begin anew the plans for winter ahead. If you are RVing snowbirds like we are it is a time of excitement & anticipation. Still months away but to-day's weather reminded me of the coming change. A YOUNG ROBIN

I'm thinking we have a squirrel living in our china cabinet. Kelly keeps all her stuff in there & while looking for some brown sugar to put on my oatmeal this morning I came across quite a stash of nuts. Figured I'd better take a picture before she got home just in case the squirrel decided to re-locate it's stuff. Must be one very smart squirrel though to actually put the nuts in labeled cans. I've always said that animals are a whole lot smarter than we humans are & by golly here is living proof!! MUST BE A SQUIRREL IN KELLY'S CUPBOARD

Had an email this morning from fellow blogger JERRY in which he made mention of beards. Well, that got me to thinking of why I have a beard. No, it wasn't to try & look cool like Hemmingway or one of the ZZ Top guys. Not even to look like Harry Potter's Professor Dumbledore. I simply grew hide my face!! I've always had a jutting chin that tried it's hardest to bend itself up & touch my lower lip. A few years back I also developed a bit of a floppy chin waddle where my head is glued onto my neck. Figured the best way to hide those two problems was to simply cover those areas with a bunch of hair......walla, a beard!! It has worked so well that I am now in the process of growing my hair longer in hopes that it will eventually cover up the rest of me. And now you know.............................:)) AN OLD WOODEN FOOT BRIDGE IN THE HULLETT MARSH

GROANER'S CORNER: How can you tell if a lamb is embarrassed? It looks sheepish.



  1. Your pictures, again, are absolutely beautiful! Did you take the one of the young robin with your new camera/telescope setup?
    It is so crystal clear I feel I could just put my finger out and have the bird hop onto it.


  2. Al, you look great in your beard! I guess us "old grey beards" are doing okay!

    Your squirrel must have a cousin, as we have similar nuts in our cupboard, along with some chips and crackers.

    Sounds like hitch itch is beginning to infiltrate Bayfield. When you get the itch, go ahead and scratch it! We'll be looking for you down here in a few months.