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An email from a friend in Bayfield yesterday informed me of a car show up in Goderich to-day so under threatening dark clouds & sprinkles of rain I grabbed my raincoat, crossed my fingers, threw a camera over my shoulder, & headed up Porter Hill line to Goderich.56 FORD

The rain sprinkles gave way to warming sun splashes between the gray clouds & the day turned out just fine. I was surprised at the number of cars at the car show in Goderich's downtown area called, The Square. I'm guessing a couple hundred cars maybe. There was something there for everyone & it was nice to feel all the memories coming back as I walked around taking photos. 58 EDSEL

The decade between 1955 & 1965 were the most memorable for me when it came to cars. I was a young young boy growing into my early teens & cars in those days were absolutely everything to young fellows. We knew all the cars, makes, & models. Knew about the engines, the carbs, lake pipes, fender skirts, baby moons, 4 speeds, & just about anything else you needed to know about a cool car. 1929 ESSEX

In the late 60's & into the 70's cars took on a box like sameness look & the golden age of the adventurous Detroit auto designs was over. Before that we could tell a Chev from a Ford coming down the road a mile away. We knew who was going by the house just by the sounds of the cars. The old Ford flat head eight's had their own sound just as the Chevy 283's did. (hope I got that engine size right) I remember the big stir when Chevrolet unveiled their 1959 Chev. What a huge revelation in design that was with it's big sweeping fins & equally sweeping dash. Back in those days we only had a few car dealers in the small village of Tavistock but every autumn you could feel the excitement in the air as the anticipated delivery of the new models was expected. They arrived & were kept under wraps sometimes until the big day came when they were unveiled in the showroom. It was standing room only in the dealerships as the town's people flooded in to see the new cars. It was a level of excitement & anticipation I don't think I have ever felt since. It was a magic time for a young boy & as I walked around looking at the cars to-day I could feel a little bit of that excitement bubbling again. 1932 CHRYSLER

I have uploaded to-day's car photos into their own photo album & you can find them HERE. Click on the slide show when you get there & see if you can feel a little bit of that same excitement I felt to-day . Maybe they will stir up a few pleasant memories for you too:)) 60 CHEV

GROANER'S CORNER: A hamburger walks in to a bar and asks for a beer. The bartender says, "I am sorry but we don't serve food in here."


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