Friday, July 17, 2009



The first order of day this morning was to load up the two big furry swamp hogs & take them to the beach & ker-plunk them in the lake. Although I hosed them down yesterday after our romp in the Hullett Marsh they still had mud caked in their fur this morning. They love swimming in the lake anyway so it was a pleasant start to their day. DEERPARK LODGE BEACH THIS MORNING GETTING THE MUCK OFF THE TWO SWAMP HOG DOGS

Took the motorhome to Goderich yesterday morning & added some fresh gas to the tank. Sitting for months at a time is not a good thing & I try to take if for a run at least once a month. It always starts right up & runs like a top. It's like it's namesake.....Workhorse. It just wants to get back on the road & do what is was designed to!! We are going to have to make a big financial decision about tires in a couple of months. They are in reasonably good shape but they are the rigs original aging tires & time is running out for them. There is a brake re-call on these motorhome models too but after reading all the politics & problems on RV NET around the issue I'm not sure what we'll do about the problem. So many pros & cons regarding the recall. Why can't people just make things right in the first place!!SPLISH SPLASH I WAS TAKING A BATH!HEY, THROW ME A BAR OF SOAP WILL YA!! WELL, WHADDYA THINK HUH

Been spending some time with my camera manuals over the past few days. Figured it's about time I understood how these darn fangled things work. I'm finally getting a little bored with the "automatic" settings & the time has come to kick it up a notch. The cameras are cable of doing amazing things if one takes the time to figure out just how to make them do that. The more I read the more muddled I get but out of that muddleness sometimes comes.....lightbulb moments. I've had a few of those lately so that has been just enough to encourage me to not give up & put the manuals down. You may start to see some oddball photos emerging in the blog but they will just be a result of my experimention into a more creative area of photography using some, "new found knowledge & equipment:))" Am hoping to aim for a little more quality & a little less quantity The only photos taken on "automatic" to-day were the 2 beach pictures. THIS IS OUR CEMEMT BIRD BATH COMPLETE WITH WAVES & AN ASTILBE FLOWER IN THE BACKGROUND

With envy I read LAURIE & ODEL'S blog this morning & could identify with their stirring hitch itch feelings. Quite simply, after being camped in one spot for awhile, it's that urge to hitch up your trailer or car & move on down the road in search of greener pastures & new adventures. Not all RV'ers get hitch itch but for those of us who do, it is what RVing is all about. I have always had the travel bug & that gnawing hitch-itch feeling just kind of follows me around each & every day. These past few RVing years have been great but they have left me extremely restless during our time at home here in Ontario. Most folks are content to stay put, secure in their daily routines, family priorities, job commitments, etc. Nothing wrong with that unless your like me & suffer from the affliction of.........hitch-itch!! DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS FLOWER IS BUT IT WAS GROWING AT THE FOOT OF THE BIRD BATH

GROANER'S CORNER: Did you hear about the snail that got beat up by two turtles? At the police station they asked him, “Did you get a good look at the turtles that did this? He said, “No, it all happened so fast.”



  1. The photos are amazing! keep up the great work!

  2. I'm really enjoying your stories and your photos Al. I'm wondering about your baseball cap too.. someone who reads your blog must have found it, went to your hometown and asked some town folk where you live. I bet everyone in town knows you.

    That's a beautiful beach and the dogs are certainly enjoying themselves.

  3. Altho I said recently that I stick with automatic features of my camera, I do read the book once in a while. So three years ago I was able to get some good fireworks pix, and I do know how to use close-up stuff. But you have me beat hands down!

    Hitch itch? Yes, Suzy and I have it, me more so lit in favor of getting some health problems fixed. But look out next year!