Thursday, July 16, 2009



Confusion stepped right out of the shadows this afternoon & tapped me a good one on the end of the nose. Coming out of the house this afternoon about 3:30 I glanced up & came face to face missing blue Las Vegas ball cap!!!! There it was beside our driveway hanging on the branch of a basswood tree. I just stood there for the longest time staring at the hat. My brain was in muddled overdrive. How did my hat end up here?? Did I put it there a few days ago & forgot about it?? Did somebody find it & if so how would they know it was mine or where I lived ?? Was it a blog follower?? I retraced my steps over the last few days & am 90% sure I did not hang it in that tree. I'm sure I was wearing it when I was in Goderich Sunday. Or was I?? I am sooooooooo confused but it's a good confusion because I have one of my favorite hats back again. If it was a good Samaritan that found it maybe they will send me an email & let me off this confusion hook. If I didn't put it there myself, then a great big THANKS to whoever found it:)) The hat is still hanging in the tree because I'm afraid if I touch it.........the darn thing might just disappear on me again!! ONE OF THE WILDLIFE VIEWING STANDS AT THE HULLETT WILDLIFE MARSH

There is a large wildlife area near here just north east of Clinton called the HULLETT MARSH. It consists of forests, large ponds, swamp, & grassy fields. I have been hiking here on & off for the past 20 years. The Marsh is alive with all kinds of wildlife & was originally set aside by the group, Ducks Unlimited years ago. Thought it might be a good place to take the scope & cameras this afternoon. Loaded up Max & Checkers in the van & off we went on the short 25 minute drive to the marsh. The doggy guys were pretty happy guys to have some new territory to explore but before I could even get my gear out of the van they both had me in a big pile of trouble. I had parked near the water's edge & within seconds they were both right into the foul smelling swampy water wallowing like a couple of big furry pigs. I could smell the mud, the slime & the ooze from 30 feet away as they flopped right down in the muck. Before we got out of there later I had mud on my camera, my tri-pod, on me. & in the back of the van. What a mess & what a yukky swamp smell all the way home in the van with two big dripping wet swamper hogs back there. Tried hosing the guys down when we got back but that muck just stuck to their fur like glue. Mom's not too happy with us guys to-night:(( HEY DAD, COME ON IN THE WATER'S FINE!!

My Son Sean was working in the area for a couple days so popped over for supper this afternoon. Got caught up on a bunch of things. The first time I ever saw him was a few days after he was born. The next time I saw him was over 20 years later. (long story) He's a good fella & has done very well for himself. Sean holds down a full time supervisory position with a well known food company plus writes, records, & produces all his own music with his band, THE WEAK NEED. AN ANGRY RED WING BLACK BIRD

Just this past week 2 fellow RV Blog folks have lost their treasured pets. I came across this article on NODIN'S NEST awhile back when they lost their dog, Blue.

GROANER'S CORNER: The best way to communicate with fish is to drop them a line.



  1. Now that hat thing is one strange story. If it was just a good Samaritan, then good for him. Now, if you didn't wear your hat to Goderich at all, then ........ I'll have to think about that for a while, lol!