Tuesday, August 18, 2009



Waited most of the morning for the cable guy to show up & install a new cable feed into our sunroom. I figured he would have to go under the unit or along the baseboards with many twists & turns but when he showed up it didn't take him long to de-bunk my theories & simply run a brand new cable from the exterior box right round the outside of our unit & through the sunroom wall to the computer. No fuss, no muss, no bother. Job was done in about 20 minutes & he was gone on down the road. Sure pays to have things done right!! LOOKING FOR SOME TASTY BUG SNACKS.....DOWNIE WOODPECKER

Had a mobility van run to Stratford & back this afternoon so that was a nice couple of hours spent motoring through our rural scenic countryside. Southwestern Ontario is very much agriculture so the land is dotted with many farms having acres & acres of crops like corn, wheat, oats, & varieties of beans, just to mention a few. Years ago pigs & chickens were visible on the farms but that has all changed now & you never see chickens or pigs outside anymore. Dairy & beef cattle dot the landscape along with herds of sheep here & there. Very picturesque farm like settings everywhere. I'VE GOT THIS RED BELLIED WOODPECKER OUT OF FOCUS BUT I'LL GET HIM WHEN HE COMES BACK

Right now I'm sitting in our sunroom about 12 feet away from our concrete birdbath watching 2 Blue Jays having a huge shouting match at each other over who's going to take their nightly bath first!! Several people have commented about not getting any computer stuff done if they were sitting here in a setting like this & you know what....they are right. I find myself typing for a bit & then sitting for lengths of time just watching all the birds outside. Four chipmunks were putting on quite a comical show awhile ago & I sat for a long time watching all that. We are truly fortunate people to have what we have. WON'T BE LONG & I'LL BE ROUNDING UP THE POND FROGS & MOVING THEM TO DEEPER WATERS FOR THE WINTER

To-morrow morning I will get busy putting things back to-gether in the house because right now I'm kind of surrounded by a big mess with furniture scattered about willy nilly. This has been a disruptive computer move so things have to be re-arranged & put back into place. But, I don't mind because it's the kind of creative stuff I like doing anyway.

On the way back from Stratford this afternoon I was reflecting back on my nearly 6 years driving a mobility van & the different places that job has taken me. I am in & out of care facilities, medical clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, dentist & doctor's offices, retirement facilities, optometrists offices, etc. Most of the people I have in the van are elderly & they are always in wheelchairs or scooters. No matter where I have gone I've always been totally impressed with the care these people receive. I hear bits of conversations as I'm walking down halls, I see people being attended to & looked after & I hear the kind words spoken by staff to patients & residents. I know elder abuse goes on but I've never ever seen a hint of it. Just the opposite. I really take my hat off to all the gals working in those facilities because it certainly is not a mentally or physically easy job for them. MY SHUTTER SPEED WAS TOO SLOW FOR THIS FAST MOVING HUMMING BIRD BUT MAYBE NEXT TIME

Years ago when my Dad was dying of cancer I was also extremely impressed with the care & caring he received from the ladies coming to his home. It was the VON (Victoria Order of Nurses) that came & what a bunch of fine dedicated ladies they were. We always hear so much bad stuff all the time in the news & so many media horror stories about health care, elder abuse, neglect, etc that I just thought I'd add my 2 cents worth from the other side for a change......................:)) DOWNIE WOOD PECKER

And a word of welcome to the folks who have recently joined as Bayfield Bunch followers. (43)Nice to have you folks aboard & I hope I'm able to keep things interesting enough to hang on to everyone. I think all bloggers look forward to comments, emails, & followers, to give them inspiration, direction, & purpose. Without all the positive feedback from people I'm sure a lot of blogs just kind of dry up & blow away in the wind. Thanks folks & as long as your still interested.....I'm still interested:))

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  1. Hey Al, I love all your bird pictures... I put out so much for birds but don't attrack as many as I would like to... Woodpeckers! How wonderful are they? Glad your all hooked up and soon all will be back to normal.

    Yes I think comments are so important... Even if it is just a hello. I comment on every blog I visit... So many people just browse and never say a word.

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  2. I had the same experience with the cable guys once at our house. I had cut the underground cable with a shovel and I had it all planned out as to how he could put a splitter on it and where to go from there. I spent a whole Sunday afternoon and night thinking(worrying) about it.

    When the cable guy came, he just looked at it, went to the main cable terminal and ran a whole new cable to our house saying that the original must have been put in by an amateur because it was in the wrong place to begin with. Thankfully, I wasn't the "amateur" he mentioned.

    Gotta love pros!

  3. Al, you keep writin em an we'll keep readin em. If nothing else we like to know what Cora's up to, even when its sleepin on her back! LOL

  4. Al, I know what you mean about just watching out the windows. I can gaze out our window for hours just watching the corn grow! Especially at dusk when the fireflyies start coming out! I love that!
    I used to feed birds, but then I started feeding a feral kitten that showed up in the winter. She's gone now, but her grown kittens and their kittens come around now. There are some cats/kittens every morning, but when I open the door they hiss and/or scatter until I go back in the house, yet they are there every morning, so I have to feed them! But they sure took care of any mole/gopher/mice problems! And once in awhile they even leave a present on the doorstep as their thankyou!I don't really feel comfortable feeding the birds anymore on our platform feeder! Although I do have a hummingbird feeder and finch feeder. Look forward to your blog everyday!
    Wisconsin Donna

  5. Yes, Al we are truly fortunate to have what we have and live where we all live. We are also fortunate to have the lifestyles we have--traveling with the weather. Glad the computer move went well and love your bird photos.

  6. Gotta agree about comments! For a while I had to just about beg my readers to give me any feedback. Then I began to get true bloggers as followers, so it's a whole new ballgame. Family still seldom responds, but that's different.

    We had great experience with elder care for Suzy's Mom for two years. It ain';t all bad, but when it is, it's horrible!