Wednesday, August 19, 2009



To-day was basically a repeat of yesterday in that I spent most of it at home still working on our computer move project. Mainly it was just a matter of getting everything put back to-gether in some reasonable semblance of order. I even turned my bed around to make sure I wouldn't get up on the wrong side of the bed anymore!! Now how's that for consideration:)) Kelly just worked the morning so we spent some time hanging a couple new curtains this afternoon. I usually run out of patience with that sort of thing but I managed to hang in there for the duration. MOUNTING A CURTAIN ROD THIS AFTERNOON

Our neighbor-lady Monica across the road took us out for supper to-night. We don't see Monica a lot because she is quite a traveler herself so she thought it would be nice to get to-gether for a bite. There's a nice place beside the Bayfield Harbor called, The Docks, so that's where we headed. I had heard they put up a good burg & fries so that's what I had & yes, it was very good indeed. Monica hadn't been into downtown Bayfield for awhile so after supper we took a drive around the village. This is truly a beautiful little place & it's no wonder people come from far & wide to visit here. There are no buildings over 2 stories high & those few buildings are on the main street itself. The cozy architecture of all the homes & cottages is well worth the drive here to see. And then there are all the beautiful yachts & sailboats in the harbor. Very creative, very colorful, & very Bayfield. THE DOCKS....FORMALLY KNOWN AS, THE HARBOR LIGHTS

Had some interesting comments on yesterday's blog as Jerry over at OUR LIFE ON WHEELS mentioned about family seldom responding to his blogs at first. We have noticed the very same thing. When I first came across this blogging thing I figured it would be a nice way to keep in touch with friends & family & maybe exercise a little creative writing bug I've always had. I was obviously excited about the idea but unfortunately I mis-judged others enthusiasm. For some silly reason I assumed folks would be interested in our travels but it soon became apparent that was not always the case. I had one good friend tell me outright...."I don't do blogs!!" Oooops, sorry. That one knocked some of the excitement stuffing's out of me for sure!! Other family members are getting up in years & not quite as computer savvy so I sent emails with simple instructions how to put our Bayfield Bunch icon on their desktops. But nope, they just didn't seem interested!! Kelly has a wonderful bunch of kids & I thought for sure they would all be wildly interested in our adventures. Wrong again!! I guess I just have to put myself back in that age group again & ask myself if I would have been interested in where my parents were & what they were up to. Probably not because I was too wrapped up with my own life at the time without caring much about older people!! MONICA & KELLY CHECKING THE MENU.....FORTUNATELY WE GOT HERE BEFORE THE CROWD

Probably 95% of people who follow our blog now are total strangers from far & wide & I'll bet the majority of that 95% are RV people which afterall makes sense. It's basically a travel blog so there is a thread of commonality there. But, I have also noticed something else these past few years. RV folks understand RV folks & home folks alike because RV people were once homebodies themselves. However, it seems many home folks don't understand that wandering nature RV folks have & are puzzled why someone would want to live in box about half the size of a railroad car. As like any groups of a feather, there is an underlying understanding & bonding of people on the road. There is a coming to-gether of thoughts, plans, & ideas. People tend to look out for one another & it's no more evident than right here on the internet. Oh yes, there are personality conflicts & mis-understandings like anywhere else but as a whole RV people seem to care & as a rule are friendlier. One of the main reasons for that could very well be the mobile lifestyle itself. Kelly & I usually don't stay in one spot long enough to get on anyone's nerves & vice versa. There are people out there who don't like dogs so we have a tendency to keep to ourselves. We don't get involved in campground politics or group personality problems. We don't belong to any groups or organizations although we were once Escapee members & might consider joining again at some point. By flying solo it keeps our people stress levels down to a manageable level as well. Yes, there is a definite downside to traveling like we do but that's another blog topic for another day. A VIEW OF BAYFIELD'S HARBOR FROM THE PATIO AT THE DOCKS

Anyway, just a few of my thoughts to-night on why we like the wandering gypsy style RV life while we're on the road. And remember, we are all different folks with different opinions & we all have lots of room for improvment. And besides, you can't catch me long enough to stay mad at me forever anyway:)) COLORFUL BUFFET TABLE

GROANER'S CORNER:(( We are born naked, wet, & hungry.....then things get worse!!

The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. Very well put Al, We too sent out our blog address to all our friends & family... I know my daughters read it but they never comment... I am not sure if any of the rest really read it but I don't care... I put it on for those who do like it to read... and yes I love reading my bloggin friends blogs. And I comment on all of them that I read... And I always hope that someday I'll run across some of those who I follow... You never know!

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  2. Well said Al,You hit the nail on the head.I've had more positive response from people like yourself that I,ve never met personally. I feel I know you like an old friend.In reading your daily thoughts,I can see we are on the same wavelength in most of our likes and dislikes also.Keep on trucking,I'm still reading.Take Care,Wandering Willy.

  3. Wow nice harbor! The view is terrific!

  4. Al, thanks for the plug to our blog! We may get another reader or two from that.

    You have said it well, and have helped the two of us feel a little bit better about being -- dare I say ignored? -- by our family. Yes, they are busy.

    Now I gotta go work on my next posting about cement blocks.

  5. I love reading your blog and seeing the beautiful pictures, especially when you're in the Southwest during winter. Those pictures are much warmer to look at than snow covered fields and barren trees here! And even though we've never met, you said some very nice things (and true) about my mom and sister in one of your blogs, so you're like family now!