Thursday, August 20, 2009



Figured it was about time I addressed the Windows problem we've noticed since moving the computer. It has been a visual impairment & is very apparent sitting directly in front of the monitor. I don't know if Bill Gates had this same Windows problem or not but to-day I was able to correct the whole thing in about 40 minutes.........with a ladder & some Windex. And you thought I was talking about Microsoft Windows eh. Nope, I was talking about our dirty sun room windows. Had been a few months since spring cleaning so out came the squeegee, paper towels, ladder, garden hose, & a bottle of Windex. Checkers ended up getting wetter than the windows again because she loves it when Dad & the big garden hose monster get after her. Windows are so squeaky clean now the birds are looking extra, extra, colorful. We are experiencing a big thunder storm at the moment too. TIGER LILY

It was music to my ears to-day when I heard Kelly say, "maybe we shouldn't take the bicycles with us this year." We have strapped, roped, tied, & tarped our 2 bicycles onto the back of the motorhome for the past couple of years hauling them all the way down into the southwest & back. Our total riding time on those bikes in 2 years might have been one hour. The bicycles take a real dirt beating on the back of the rig with road grime, dust, salt infested roads at times, & water, really making a mess out of them. They are nice bikes & it always bothered me to see them aged way beyond their years. I could understand taking them if we were going to a flat road RV Park & sitting in one spot for 6 months but with our boondocking ways there isn't always level enough surfaces to ride them so I'm glad we will be leaving them home this year. Just one less thing to worry about & it should shave off a few pounds for the motorhome carrying weight as well. REFLECTIONS IN THE SUNROOM WINDOW

Some of you may remember a month or so ago when I was trying my hand at designing a Bayfield Bunch business type card in the Windows XP Paint program. (no, we are not in business) Just thought it might be nice to have a simple little card to hand out to folks when we meet them in our travels. Kelly's son has a graphic's business in Cambridge called, FLORENCE SIGNS so we emailed Ben the design I had come up with & he formatted it to fit a standard business card format. He then forwarded it to a printing company called BCT in Waterloo for printing. We received the finished cards a few days ago & were very impressed & totally pleased with how well they came out. Not just your standard cardboard card because these seem to be laminated somehow so won't bend or suffer from dampness or water. Very nice cards. We had to kind of laugh at the quantity of cards we ordered though. Kelly said we'll be long gone off the planet by the time all these cards are ever used up at our rate of meeting people. The whole Bayfield Bunch is going to have to live for another hundred & fifty years if we're going to hand them all out. OUR BAYFIELD BUNCH CARDS

I sometimes go on a bit much about the traveling RV lifestyle but I was reading another RV'ers blog to-day & he has taken the time to research some of the great lifestyle quotes that have stood the test of time & put all this traveling wanderlust into perspective. My feelings exactly!! Be sure to check out Howard's blog at RV-DREAMS JOURNAL. FRONT YARD FROG POND.....THAT GREEN STUFF IS NOT SLIME, IT'S DUCKWEED

Thunder is rolling across the skies at the moment with heavy rains bending low the long lanky branches of our sunburst locust tree outside our sunroom window. Winds are swaying the tall white pines. Relaxing ambient music on the stereo with the overhead fan wafting down a gentle breeze on my keyboard. Max is asleep on the couch in the living room, Cora is hiding from the great thunder monster under the computer table & Checkers is curled up beside my chair waiting out the storm. Many birds outside are flitting through the raindrops from feeder to feeder & Kelly is quietly stretched out in her recliner reading one of her many books. Aw yes, all is well here to-day in the life of The Bayfield Bunch:)) A COZY LITTLE PLACE TO SPEND A RAINY DAY

GROANER'S CORNER:(( This verbal exchange took place between Winston Churchill & Lady Astor many years ago......She said, "If you were my husband I'd give you poison."He said, "If you were my wife, I'd drink it."

The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. Hi Al, See I knew the window would distract you. ☺☺☺ Great post and lovely flowers... We drag bikes all over the country too... Have a wonderful night!


  2. You must be walking around all day singing "I can see clearly now ...". Great looking cards, I still have to get motivated to do that - it's a great idea!

  3. Your reflection picture was great! Good idea. We missed that post by Howard, so we'll go back and read it now.