Sunday, August 30, 2009



It's a cool, gray overcast, rainy Sunday morning here in southern Ontario & a good time for catching up on computer stuff & doing inside neglected chores that need some attention. Might even kick the furnace on for a bit to get that nice cozy warmth in the house to take off the early Autumn chill to-day. Yes, the seasons are a changing & I'm glad they are. It's the end of August & once again the signs of our summer slipping away are being felt all around us. WAITING FOR THE BIG ONE

The tiny invisible crickets have a different chirp to them, once lush green leaves are taking on a harder edged look, days are becoming noticeably shorter, & our ever present resident pond frogs are quieter now as they contemplate their long winter's hibernation. Who's going to get the best spot in the mud this year will be determined by my frog catching prowess as I net them, put the little croakers in a bucket & carry them to the big pond a few hundred yards away. Our front yard pond is too shallow & they would never survive the harsh winter. ALONG MAIN STREET....BAYFIELD

The nights are definitely cooling down & soon the Autumn crispness will be in the daytime air. It is my favorite time of the year which approaches. The exciting freshness of spring is long gone & summer's steamy rush is now a memory. Autumn is a time for quiet reflection. Everything seems to slow as we shift to a lower gear. In a week from now kids will be back in school, the Labor Day week-end will be upon us & a few trees will be starting to show some of their early artist's brush colors. THIS LITTLE FELLOW WAS INTO THE SUET TO-DAY

Autumn is also a time of anticipation, reflection, & preparation for the long cold winter months ahead. It's a cozy time as we scurry about like little squirrels getting ourselves organized & hunkered down to await the chilling winter winds. It's also a time of new learning. I've always had a theory that I think is probably true. Ever since we were kids first starting school we have become programmed to begin an educational process every September. This continues for many years in our early life & becomes embedded in our very beings & I think it lasts forever. Even though I've been out of the school system since the early 60's I still feel that learning process beginning to kick in around mid August. Over the years I have enrolled in various night classes starting in September. Half a dozen photography related courses, a beginners computer course, Tai Chi exercise classes & probably a few others I've forgotten about. It's always a nice feeling to be learning something new & especially at a time of year when we have been programmed to do our very best learning. It takes me back to my early public school days & that fresh smell of new books, erasers, new ink in the ink wells & fresh apples in our knapsacks. Hmmmmm, I think I may have pre-dated myself here:(( EITHER A HAIRY WOODPECKER OR A FEMALE DOWNIE WOODPECKER

Autumn............ my favorite time of the year:)))))) Think I just talked myself into brewing up a fresh cup of coffee, lighting up a cinnamon scented candle, & kicking on the fireplace for a cozy stay at home with some fine soothing ambient music. BAYFIELD AT THE END OF THE DAY
GROANER'S CORNER:(( Nothing adds excitment to your life like something that is none of your business!! MORE PHOTOS MONDAY NIGHT OF SUNDAY NIGHT'S WALK ON THE PIER
The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL


  1. Al. This was all so beautifully written and I really enjoyed your story & photos today. I am hoping that we too will have cooler weather soon. I can feel a little change but not enough. Have a beautiful day my friend!

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  2. Al, you are waxing poetic today! Very pleasant description of the change of attitude as well as atmosphere as autumn approaches. Even this old codger in Benson is learning some new things to do with Blogger, so look out!

  3. Just reading your blog and I can imagine myself in front of that fire with you and fresh cup o'joe in hand.....mighty relax-in

    I too love the Fall is just so clean, crisp, and clear