Monday, August 31, 2009



It was one of those picture perfect Monday mornings so I threw the camera's in the van, cranked up some easy listening ambient tunes on our Sirius Satellite radio & took myself for a relaxing little tour around the neighboring countryside. Used to do a lot of that years ago & it still remains one of my favorite things to do. TWI-LIGHT HARBOR

We had a few back to back windy days & that led to some fair size waves crashing along the shoreline on Sunday. Took my camera's & headed off down to the harbor for a walk out on the pier Sunday night. There were even a couple guys with surfboards in the water. The waves would quickly carry them to shore where they would clamber out of the water & make the short dash along the beach to the pier & then out to the end where they would again hastily launch themselves off the end of the jetty into the crashing waves & make another ass over teakettle surfing scramble for the beach. WAVES BREAKING OVER THE OUTER BREAK WALL

As the sun dipped to-wards the watery horizon people began gathering at the end of the pier. Always a favorite spot for sunsets. It was a steady wind coming in off the lake & luckily I had dressed warm. More than I can say for the young folks out there in shorts & sandals!! By the time I started my walk back my hands were getting cold. Took a 4 block drive to downtown Bayfield where I stopped for a few minutes & snapped some pictures of lighting on a couple buildings. I will post these photos & the pier pictures into a separate album shortly. My other Bayfield photo album can be found HERE. THESE TWO LADS ARE ABOUT TO LEAP INTO THE LAKE WITH THEIR SURF BOARDS

Nightime photography is another whole big bag of enjoyment for me. I remember back in 1986 I had an opportunity to attend a large photography convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. While most of the other guys were in the bars & casinos for 2 nights I spent all my time walking for miles & miles along the Vegas strip all the way to downtown Vegas photographing the zillions & zillions of lights. (took a bus back)I was like an excited small town boy in a big city department candy store. I just couldn't get over the beauty of all the lights. That was back in the days before digital cameras so all those photos I took were done on slide film & now sit in a dusty closet somewhere. But, I did get to share them with folks when I used to do travelogues at Seniors centers & the Stratford Art Gallery years ago. Maybe some day I'll make it Vegas again & if I do I will have my digital camera's with me & walk for miles & miles & miles again. I would like that..................:))


GROANER'S CORNER:(( You know your over the hill when you finally get your head together and then your body starts falling apart.

The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. Hey Al... Loved your pictures today especially the BIG splash! I am soooo happy that September has finally arrived and my hope for cooler weather is high.

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  2. Al, you have lots of pix on slides and paper, so do we. We are on a now-and-again project of converting them to digital images. Suzy has a Wolverine brand reader that will take 3 slides at a time (and we have thousands!), and we have a scanner which will take 16 at a time, but does each one individually. It's a long-term project that we'd love to finish before we move to the next life.