Friday, September 18, 2009



To-day’s blog photos are of Chloride, New Mexico.  The little western ghost town at the end of the road.  Hoover your mouse over all the photos to see the captions.  Blog done in Live Writer.  I’m hoping I have my photos sized better to-night.

I was in the Canadian Navy many, many, moons ago so I know what it feels like to be seasick.  Kinda was feeling that way to-day from so much leaning back & forth, back & forth.  First I was leaning to-wards Live Writer & then a comment would come in & I would lean back over the other way to Blogger's New Editor.  Vera's comment swung me back to the Blogger side of the deck  but then a big LAURIE & ODEL wave came rolling in striking me broadside knocking me back over to the Live Writer side of the deck again.  Dear oh dear, this is quite an unpredictable blog storm going on here to-day & these are indeed heavy seas matey!!  Check out Laurie's helpful tips about Live Writer in our last night's blog comments.APACHE INDIANS PROBABLY RODE DOWN FROM THOSE HILLS

RICK ran himself into a big blog block Friday  but did very well at picking himself up, dusting himself off, & finishing up his blog in true blogger fashion form by blogging about blogging with no mind blocking.  Ok, say that one real fast 6 times:))


I'm not sure how other bloggers do their blogs but here's what works for me.  I type the blog in an email format in Outlook Express just as I would an email to someone.  I like Outlook's easy to use Spellchecker & that's a big plus.  When finished, I copy the blog, open my Blogger program & paste what I've written right into the blog program's body.  (Blogger's New Editor or Live Writer) From there I click the photo icon & head off into My Pictures & locate the photos I want to put in the blog.  Until a few days ago I would start with the last picture first.   I did that because I always had to drag the photo from the top of the blog all the way through the text & drop it in place.  It was easier to do if I didn't have to drag the photo over other photos already in the blog.  I am looking forward to not having to do that anymore.  After I have the photos in the blog I add the captions & adjust all the spacing.  I then put in the links & title.  A last minute check & whoosh, there goes another blog.  I then read it on our website & I would say about one out of every 4 or 5 blogs I have to go back & fix up mistakes I had overlooked.  Many times I miss the errors I've made & the blog lands on you anyway.........mistakes & all:))CHLORIDE'S ORIGINAL FIRST RADIO

Over the last little while I've been posting some of our ghost town travels in the southwest & have had to search through archived photos for blog pictures.  I've been disappointed in the quality of my photos especially in the exposure & color departments so I'm hoping to kick my photography up a notch & concentrate more on quality this year.  Fellow RVing friend Gordon Wolford is my kind of photographer & I'm always inspired by his work.  Not likely I will ever reach Gordon's level but I do hope to make some improvements in my own stuff.  Check out Gordon's recent central Ontario photography gallery HERE.  Gordon & Sandra's RVing blog site can be found HERE, & Gordon's own Nomads News site is HERERUMOR HAS IT THIS WAS THE HANGING TREE

In March of 2008 while boondocked near Elephant Butte State Park in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico for a week we did some day trips around the area & found a sleepy little western ghost town at the end of a long winding dusty road.  The towns name was CHLORIDE & back in the 1800's it was under constant attack by Apache Indians.   Only saw 2 people in town the day we were there & one of them gave us a tour of an old general store that has been lovingly rebuilt & restored as a labor of love complete with all it's original stock.  The blog for our visit to Chloride is HERE & our photos of Chloride are HERE.


Our days are getting cooler & our night's are getting colder.  Most of our front yard bird's are gone now & to-morrow will be another one of my favorite Saturday mornings.  Oh, how sweet it is..............:))IF ONLY THE OLD BUILDINGS COULD TALK

GROANER'S CORNER:((  And did you know..........If a statue in the park of a person on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died in battle. If the horse has one front leg in the air the person died as a result of wounds received in battle. If the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died of natural causes.


The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. Test comment by Al for hotmail....

  2. Thanks for the TIPs on Blogging. Never thought of typing it in an email. Neat idea!

    I sure think your pictures are about as good as they get!!

  3. You are too kind, Al.

  4. When I do my blog, I type it into MS Word before moving it into Blogger (or maybe soon into Live Writer). I sure agree with you about the awkwardness of getting photos into Blogger, even with their "improved" method. I've had to start over too many times when the whole thing got bolluxed up. Live Writer, LOOK OUT, here I come!

  5. Okay, Al: three more points in favor of LiveWriter...

    1. LiveWriter spell checks for you as you type. Possibily misspelled words are underlined - click on the word for better choices, just like any other spell checker.

    2. Your links will open in a new window (if you want them to) so readers can explore the new site without getting too far away from you.

    3. Use the "preview" tab in LiveWriter to see exactly how your post will look before you publish it, allowing you to check placement of photos, etc. Much better than the pseudo preview view in Blogger.

    Since I switched to LiveWriter several months ago, I'm not familiar with the new blogger editor. It may address some of these issues.

    Blog on, friend! Gives you plenty to do on a rainy day, huh?? :)

  6. Forgot to mention that your photos are making me "homesick" for the SW US. We'll be in Cochise County visiting Rosanna, Jeannie and Ray, and Bisbee in December and/or January. Hope to finally meet you two then!

  7. I've never seen a picture on your blog that didn't look just great, Al. Today's blog included - nice work.

    I haven't yet come up with a systematic way to create my blog entries - I'm all over the place! Sometimes it's pics first, sometimes it's pics last. I never really know until I start typing - now right in Live Writer and before in the Blogger Editor. The email idea is kind of intriguing though!!