Saturday, September 19, 2009



Nearly did a double take this afternoon when I saw Kelly heading for the motorhome with an armload of clothes.  She followed that with some dishes, shoes, & an assortment of odds & ends destined for travel to the southwest.  That just kind of makes things officially official.  Hadn't expected her to do that for another month yet.  HEAVY OLD DOORS IN MONTICELLO

Last night I blogged about the little western town of Chloride & to-day we had a nice email from some folks living near there saying if we ever travel that way again to stop by & they would give us the nickel tour of the area complete with history.   Mighty nice of them western folks I'd say.  The same day we were in Chloride we had also been to another small western town not far away.  Monticello was even smaller than Chloride & it's houses were arranged around a central square much like a fort might have been.  It was deliberately built like this as a defense against Indian attacks.  For our visit to MONTICELLO click HERE & for the photos click HEREMONTICELLO PORCH FACING INTO THE SQUARE

Before leaving Truth or Consequences that morning on our search for these western towns we had stopped at the MOVING WALL MEMORIAL dedicated to Vietnam veterans.  You can read about the wall & how it was inspired by the Memorial Vietnam wall in Washington by clicking on the capital letters.  This wall travelled from State to State years ago & now calls Truth or Consequences it's home.VIETNAM WAR VET'S TRAVELING WALL MEMORIAL

Yesterday afternoon I took my health card out of my wallet & waved it in front of my sore right knee & said, "if you don't get yourself smartened up by Monday morning Mister I am going to call the Doctor & have you looked at!!!!"  I noticed a big improvement in my knee when I woke up this morning:))ORGANIZING THE MOTORHOME FOR THE TRIP

I wonder why bad stuff is always cheaper than good stuff.  Isn't it supposed to be the other way around.  I was at the grocery store in Goderich this morning looking for a box of healthy cereal.  They had rows of huge jumbo boxes filled with Captain Sugarballs cereal.  It would take 2 people just carry one box out of the store.   Probably on sale for a cheap couple of bucks.  I guess people take that stuff home & fill their kids up with it.  Next on the shelf was some natural fiber & fruit cereal guaranteed to make you live till you die.  The tiny wafer thin box was so small it could have fit in my shirt pocket.  I bet you would have had to mortgage your house to buy a box of that stuff.   Why are things like that anyway.  Have I exaggerated this little tale.......well ok, maybe just a little:)) 

MEMORIES OF DAYS GONE BYAlso had a nice email this week from Lori at Bayfield's prestigious LITTLE INN.  Seems they would like to use some of my photos & I was more than happy to oblige.  Thanks guys:))

GROANER'S CORNER:((  You know your over the hill when you & your teeth don't sleep to-gether!!


The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now...AL.


  1. You may have stretched it a bit with the cereal report...but not totally. It boggles the mind how they preach to us that we need to eat healthy and then they price the healthy stuff out of reach for most families. Go figure!

  2. It's a good sign that Kelly is starting to load up the rig for the trip to the southwest - it does add an official touch to things!

    Not too much of an exaggeration on the cereal - I agree 100% with what you've said.

  3. Me too! Al least when you buy sugar-free Jell-O it's the same price as the sugary kind! And fat-free milk (skim, we used to call it) is the same price as full-fat milk, sometimes even less.

    Your blog yesterday (about Chloride) came at a good time. We had just been reading about Chloride and plannimg to visit there next month. Now we have to find Monticello too!

  4. Two comments from us today --

    We saw the very moving Moving Wall in Pahrump, Nevada in 2003. Good to know it has found a home in T&C.