Saturday, November 14, 2009


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Kelly phoned Verizon this morning & we are already over our monthly limit to the tune $3.49 cents with the turnover date not being until Monday at midnight. What that simply means is that I will have to hold off uploading bunches of photos for the next 3 days because it is those photos that are eating up our bytes. We do not download things from the net like You Tube, music, jokes, web casts, etc. No chat room stuff or streaming videos. No Skype web cam calls or blogger websites with sound & animation. We do have a live feed site though called Feedjit & I'm beginning to wonder if maybe that may be eating up some of our bytes. It's not a necessary thing but it gives me an idea of what photos people click on. Anyway, we have hit on a bit of plan though. I've decided these exercise & Yoga classes just aren't my cup of tea but I will go with Kelly on those days & make use of the Library next door with it's internet facilities & do things like Picasa Web Album uploads & Microsoft updates, etc. Kelly will be in one building with her exercise & Yoga classes & I will be in the next building furiously exercising my fingers on the keyboard, not to mention the great brain work-out in attempting to accomplish everything in an hour. Well anyway, that's the plan for now because when in Elfrida we plan to do what the Elfridians do:))

All photos to-day were taken with my Canon A720 & doesn't have the high resolution my Nikons are set for so maybe I'll just mainly stick with that camera for the next little while until we get a handle on this bytes thing.


The big Arizona sky once again dawned with big wide sweeping & beautiful cloud formations. Weather is definitely cooler, but no wind. It was a 5 dog walk this morning with the whole gang turned out with lots of wagging tails. And, in my pocket unbeknownst to ranch dog Gleeson, was...........a dog leash!! Last Saturday morning was the rabies clinic in Elfrida & Gleeson out-foxed us by not making himself available for us to take to the clinic. We did manage to take ranch dog Pearce though. So, this morning it was our turn to out-fox the Gleeson. We knew the same Vet's traveling Vet clinic (High Desert Veterinary Service) was being held west of Bisbee to-day at the San Pedro feed store near Hereford. I casually slipped the leash on Gleeson as we were walking & he was fine with that & didn’t suspect a thing. She readily jumped up into the back of our hatchback when we returned to our rig & within minutes we were off to the rabies clinic about 30 miles to the southwest. A successful fox ploy:)) Gleeson was as good as gold about the whole thing & didn't make any fuss at the clinic. We were the only ones there so no waiting. We had taken a liking to the Vet & his caring wife assistant a week before in Elfrida so decided to set up an appointment for Max the wonder dog to have his nails trimmed. Max is not an aggressive dog but is very fearful of anyone fiddling with him & he doesn’t even like us looking at his paws. About 3 years ago he had a minor ear infection so we took him to a Vet in Clinton, Ontario. Even with a muzzle on it took 5 of us to control him while his ear was swabbed out. We are going to approach his nail trimming a little differently & a sedative will be used this time to calm him down. I have to be careful while typing this because he is sitting on the bed behind me & I don't want him to see what I'm typing!!

For the last bunch of years Saturday nights have been Big Band nights for me & while I'm at the computer most Saturday nights I like listening to tunes of the 40's. I think that habit began about 10 years ago when there was a program on the radio called, Big Band Saturday Night. Awhile ago I blogged about a website that has a lot of old time radio shows like Gunsmoke, Amos & Andy, Big Band music, etc. on it. OLD TIME RADIO  I received an email from a fellow last week who has a website called, OLD TIME RADIO CATALOGUE. You can purchase MP3 episodes of countless old radio days programs from music to mysteries. Old cowboy shows to historical newscasts. And he broadcasts free old time shows as well. Check out the site because I think there is probably something there for everyone & I did add it as one of our links in the column to the right.


A week ago we received an email from some RV folks wondering about RV Parks in this area with availability to amenities, etc. Not really being RV Park people & not too familiar with that sort of thing here in this region I forwarded the email on to JERRY up in Benson with a note attached figuring he would know the area better & have the correct info. Well, that was all OK except for one thing!! I addressed the email to Jerry & Sherri. Well, Jerry's wife’s name is not Sherri…….it’s Suzy!!!! With so many RV couples having similar sounding names I'm sure I've got others mixed up as well but that was still no excuse. Needless to say I got a quick response from Jerry & found myself hauled up on the carpet for my mistake. Felt pretty bad so dashed Jerry off a very hasty & not too well thought out response that went something like this:

Yes, I have been known to mix up my Sherri's with my Barrys
And my Bruce's with my Mooses,
But I try to do it right by staying up all night.
And when my Jerry's get mixed with my Larry’s
And my Rick's get mis-taken for Mick’s
I will try not to mix my Doug’s with a belly full of Slugs.
I shall Endeavour to do better but it may not be to the letter,
So whether your a Suzy or a Joe
Or a Billy & a Flo
You have to understand my part
In becoming such a forgetful old tart........10-4!!
(the tart word was an optional sound alike:))


**For the 4th or 5th consecutive night Live Writer has failed to publish  for me so I am throwing in the sponge on it & going back to the Blogger format because Blogger seems to work OK for me regardless of connection!!  Live Writer has been throwing various error messages out each time & I have then been forced to partially re-do the blog in the Blogger format: each time.  Enough is enough!!  I did follow Ricks instructions on a fix but it didn't seem to last.  I don't have a lot of patience for this sort of thing & especially at night when I'm tired!!!!!!!!!!!**  Too bad because I really liked Live Writer while it worked...............:((

GROANER'S CORNER:(( A drunk went into a telephone booth and dialed at random.......... "Salvation Army," was the answer."What do you do?" asked the man."We save wicked men and women," came the reply."Okay, save me a wicked woman for Saturday night will ya."


The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now....AL.


  1. I just wrote and posted my blog for tomorrow morning and now, I've just read yours - we are on the same wavelength which is kind of scary! My blog was about a few tips for staying under the 5GB Cap. One of my suggestions was to wait until you can get access to free wifi or a cable connection to upload your images to a web host like Picasa Web Albums. Then, I read you've already decided to do that yourself! I'm crushed! My blog is redundant before it was even published! I'm through! Al, you are now the official computer wizard!

  2. I think you should stick to yoga, because it will help the back in the long run. Ray and I are going back Tuesday. Haven't been for a while but he has run out of excuses.
    :) I love reading your blog.

  3. As per Rick's blog today,maybe the old time radio is chewing up too many megabites out of your 5 gigs.
    At 25 megs per hour on streaming audio,thats a big chunk.
    Jeeze, are you blowing around over where you are?About 3 this morning a howling wind came up and this little trailer is a rocking something fierce.

  4. I have problems with Lady getting her nails trimmed also. Had her sedated once and she still fought everyone off, so they kept giving her more until she was out cold. She was under the effects for nearly 2 days and I swore I'd never do it again. So now it just takes a bunch of people to hold her down. Good luck with your problem child.

    I'd love to check out the old radio programs but worry about bandwidth myself.

  5. OHhhh loved your bit on out-foxing the ranch dog. Sometimes it feels good to be smarter than something else, huh? LOL

  6. As I recall, your poem to me didn't use the word "tart." It was a look-alike word, but the First letter was diFFerent! I won't disclose what word you used, but it was Funny and made us laFF!

    Never did hear from your friend who wanted to know about parks in Benson.

  7. Loved your poem. Jerry probably didn't hold you accountable for too long at least. Good thing the other ranch-doggy got the rabies shot. Funny how you out-smarted him.