Tuesday, January 19, 2010




The winds came up in the night just enough to rattle some things on the motorhome & cause me to lose some precious winks.  Up at 4 & back to sleep at 5.  Was very surprised to see the outside temps at 58F when we got up around 6.  That's a whole lot better than 22F we had a few weeks ago.   Skies were looking very dark & angry up towards Benson & Tucson for quite awhile this morning.  We remained in sun & cloud for most of the A.M. & then clear bright sunny skies for the rest of the day with a warm to cooling breeze.



Kelly skipped her Yoga class & we headed on over to Belle's ranch.  Red & Jeanie are still there & Red has all the electrical & plumbing repairs done.  Jesse was busy feeding the critters & Belle was busy doing battle with her computer.  The computer is 5 years old & in need of a major refurbishing.  Kelly tried to work her magic on it but to no avail.  It is basically bogged down to the point of malfunction.  Belle is going to have to send it the computer hospital in Douglas for some major surgery.  Took Kelly over an hour just to get the email program functioning & by now that may have crashed on Belle again.

KELLY WORKING ON BELLE’S COMPUTER                           DSC_0042

From Belle's we headed over to the Safeway store in Bisbee for some groceries followed by a mighty fine small pizza at Gus the Greeks.  It was such a nice day we drove over towards the south end of the Huachuca mountains marveling at the beauty.  A right turn on Hereford Road led us up the San Pedro Valley east of Sierra Vista & another right turn put us back on track for a return trip to Bisbee from the northwest end which incidentally is the prettiest way into Bisbee on highway 80.  Stopped for some pics just before the tunnel & then did a drive by camera shooting of Bisbee as we rolled right past on the highway heading east for the Sulphur Springs Valley & back to the motorhome.  Just a great day for a nice drive in some very beautiful scenery.

 DSC_0072 DSC_0080 DSC_0081  DSC_0087 DSC_0088 DSC_0089 DSC_0090 DSC_0092DSC_0086

THE TUNNEL NORTH OF BISBEE & BISBEE ITSELF AS WE DRIVE BY ON THE HIGHWAY                         (click on pics to enlarge)

A couple posts ago I showed a window in Naco with a bullet hole in it & a car parked on the street with a window busted out.  That prompted a few questions about the safety & security here so close to the Mexican border.  That bullet hole may have been in that window for a couple days or a couple years.  In the southwest a bullet hole in a window does not mean the window has to be replaced.  It just means there's a small hole in the window that's all.  And the car on the street with the smashed window??  Well, I wouldn't be surprised if we came back next near at this time that same car might still be sitting in the same spot.  It's just the way of the west down here.  As far as worrying about this sort of thing the answer is absolutely not.  We feel perfectly safe & the locals don't give their proximity to the Mexican border a second thought.  The media hype is always playing up the danger which, don't kid yourself, is out there but you just have to use your head & stay away from the trouble spots.  We're not crazy about crossing the border into Mexico anymore after an incident we had a couple years ago near Lukeville Arizona but that's just us.  We also would not go into any border town at night.  When we go to Douglas for example I'd say most of the people there are Mexican folks.  Store clerks, fast food places, hardware stores, garages, etc. etc.  It's just the way it is & you don't even think about it.  Due to the milder temps at night right now I'm sure there are probably more illegal's afoot nearby but if they hear or see you first you will never see them because the last thing they want to do is draw attention to themselves & they will hide from you until you pass by.  Drug runners are a different story but tend to stick to known routes & we are fortunately not in those areas. 

     DSC_0038                               DSC_5409


And a note to Margie, Larry, or whoever may be looking at our site from last night's Margie's Coffee Cafe.  If you folks up there around Sunsites look towards the top of our blog on the right side you will see 'search this blog.'  Type in Pearce Arizona & it will bring up all the posts & pictures I have done in your area this past year, especially the Pearce Heritage Days awhile back.  I'm sure you will find the faces of your many friends on there:))



GROANER'S CORNER:((  Two old guys are pushing their carts around Wal-Mart when they collide.The first old guy says to the second guy, "Sorry about that I'm looking for my wife, and I guess I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." The second old guy says, "That's OK, It's a coincidence. I'm looking for my wife, too. I can't find her and I'm getting a little desperate." The first old guy says, "Well, maybe I can help you find her. What does she look like?" The second old guy says: "Well, she is 27 yrs old, tall, with red hair, blue eyes, long legs, big bust, and is wearing short shorts. What does your wife looks like?" To which the first old guy says, "Doesn't matter, let's look for yours."


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  1. WOW...my desktop is aglow with your "monday night sunset! Gorgeous! Looking forward to spending some time in and around Bisbee real soon...we will be "hitching up our wagon" in a few days. Waiting for the west coast storms to die down a bit & then we head out! Yippeee! Hmmmm...I really am sounding like a "cowgirl! Must be all those blogs I am reading about southwestern Arizona!

  2. I like the pictures of Bisbee - different look when seen from a distance away. Belle's computer sounds hopeless but you and Kelly are angels for trying.

  3. More great pics of Bisbee, Al. We can't wait to see that place now after all of your stories and photos of it. Sounds like Belle's computer needs to have the hard drive completely reformatted and the operating system reloaded. As long as she has the OS, I'm assuming XP, around thats not to difficult a task and it should put her computer back in decent shape. I have a few computers older than hers still running well at home.

  4. We do like that 80 route into Bisbee. Gotta take some more time there one of these days, but it's difficult for us to find a free day these days. Darn old doctors and physical therapists think they own us!