Wednesday, January 20, 2010

no blog tonight:((

Live writer screwed up & let me down AGAIN & I lost the whole post because LW didn’t auto save.  3 hours totally down the drain.  Computer seized & I lost the draft in Outlook as well.  !**^###!!@::+))&*(


  1. That's why I just type my blog straight away - no live writer or anything else. That way, when I lose everything I've written (it happens to me too now and then) at least I lose it faster! I also have the option to SAVE whenever I feel like it. Don'tcha just love technology and all the problems we have with it? What would we be doing otherwise. Take heart - just re-write it all because you know we, your readers, can't do without our "Bayfield Fix"

  2. Sorry about losing your post. Did you set Livewritet to AutoSave? I thought it did it automatically, but no.... You have to go into Tools>Editing and set the exact number of minutes for the intervals that you want it to save at. I set mine on 2. Hope that helps!

  3. I just went into tools and set the autosave to on on my live writer on this computer. I have never lost a post in live writer, but that may just mean my computer has never failed while I was working on a blog. Of course never say never, so I am auto saving now!! Hope your day today is better. Look out for that wind and snow they are predicting, and I'm sure that will make for a good blog tonight.