Sunday, February 14, 2010




Woke up in a warm fuzzy state this morning & figured it must have been from all those extra hugs & handshakes yesterday.  That kinda stuff can be a bit traumatic for a feller like me who isn't used to all that.

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A few days ago when we took the dirt road up to King of Arizona Mine we noticed a sign pointing to another road heading south in the direction of Castle Dome Mountain.  This morning we thought we'd give that road a try because we have been seeing jeep tours going by here & figured that's where they are coming from & going to.  Headed out about 10.  Bit of a hump getting up off the main road onto the trail but we made our way back through the desert about a mile before coming to a dry wash.  It was obvious a 4 wheel drive vehicle was the best way to proceed & we only had a two wheel drive.  I'm sure our Santa Fe would have been alright but why beat it up if we didn't have to.  Made the decision to turn around & head back to the main road.

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On the way to the rig we decided to stop & climb a couple hills just east of the rig.  We could see slightly worn paths along the hillside & figured there may be Mule Deer, or Big Horn Sheep nearby.  Probably was because we found other paths on our 40 minute hike & the sign in the kiosk beside the car said there were those kinds of animals in these parts.

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Checkers got herself into a very nasty bit of business this afternoon.  Noticed her biting at something on her side & acting unusual.  A quick look see told me she was in trouble with a Teddy Bear Cholla cactus.  These spiny cactus plants are absolutely deadly to the touch.  Their spiny barbed hooks instantly imbed themselves in flesh & they are very, very, painful.  I tangled with one 2 years ago over near Ajo & I think it still hurts to this very day!!  Had to hold Checkers tightly while Kelly worked with a small pliers pulling the hooked barbs out of her mouth & nose.  Used gloves to pull off the larger bunched barbs on her tail, legs, & paws.  It was annoyingly painful for her but she toughed it out being the most bestest girl she could be.  We couldn't get the ones out inside her mouth & in her tongue so we're hoping they will soften & come out on their own.  She seems to be her old usual self tonight despite her painful ordeal. 





When RVing like this with no facilities it is important to keep a close eye on liquid levels each day such as water, gray, & black tanks.  After about a week or so these levels become important in determining whether it's time to move on & find a dump station with water.  We are good for nearly another week but we're low on groceries  & things.  Nearest store is Quartzsite or Yuma so that started discussions this morning on our next move which is likely going to take place Monday.  Four of five days in one place is generally long enough for me anyway and we have been in this overall area since Feb 5th.   When we reach highway 95 in the morning it will either be a right turn to Quartzsite & Blyth, California or a left turn to Yuma & the Ogilbe road area of California.  We will probably make that decision somewhere along the mile long road between here & the highway. 

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Now, to the heart of this post!!  I am one of those bloggers who has a tendency to blog a little closer to the edge than some of my fellow bloggers.  Sometimes this is OK & sometimes it is not.  Keep in mind that an opinion is not a statement of fact, it is only one person's opinion & those opinions are usually based on the person's own personality.  I come from a family of very opinionated people & anyone in my home town of Tavistock Ontario knows exactly where I get that from.  In fact I may be hearing some chuckles right now from people who knew my Mother:))  I have unfortunately always been one of those opinionated characters that would reason, 'if you bought a brown car & I bought a red car my car would be better than your car because your car would  be harder to find in a buffalo herd!!


My inherited opinionated characteristics are no excuse for some of  my RV lifestyle opinions though.  But, it is a part of my personality & I have to deal with that daily.  That personality flaw sometimes finds it's way into the blog & I knew somewhere along the line somebody was going to step up & take me to task on that.  Didn't know when or who but this morning it finally happened when a comment came in from my old blogger buddy RICK .   He had finally had enough of my constant chirping RV opinions about RV Parks, etc & rightly stepped forward & wrapped me a good one right on the end of the nose.    JERRY the third member of the 3 D'umegos (or however we spell it) has also tapped me on the shoulder several times when I have got myself out of line as well.   And getting myself out of line occasionally is something too easy for me to do!!



Rick is absolutely right in everything he says in that comment & I have to take a step back, look inside, & make some long overdue changes to that little character defect I have been carrying.  My true opinions about what  I am seeing,  doing, & feeling, will remain the same but  my RV lifestyle comparisons will stop.  (I probably missed my calling as a movie critic) My east/west comparisons will stop & my digs at the 'high enders' will stop.  The RVing community is the best bunch of people I have ever met whether they are driving a million dollar coach or an old VW hippy bus.  I am very proud to be a part of that world & all the great people in it.

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Here is, in part,  an email from a blog reader that came in today & basically backs up what Rick referred to in his comment.............

"Dear Al -Something Rick said today:  he swims every day in the pool provided at the RV park where he is residing.  There must be many older RVers that have some form/degree of arthritis, like myself.   Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for this problem.   One of the things that I have not solved is how to get swimming exercise in the southwest, since I will not ever be able to afford RV parks with swimming pools.     My point is this:  how many RV park sitters are there because they can use the pool?  I don't know, but Rick's comments made me realize that, if I had the wherewithal, I would probably spend time in the parks with swimming pools. "  

I thought this email arriving from C Moon today was perfect & it just shows me how far off track some of my opinions have been. 

And to Rick over there in California right now I say...............Thanks buddy, I needed that:))



GROANER'S CORNER:((  You know  your getting old when you sit in a rocking chair and can't get it going.



The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now....AL.


  1. Hey Al, I honestly don't think you have to, or should, change a thing! We all know that what you say is your true, heart felt opinion and you have every right to express it. In the very odd instance, when me or anyone else disagrees with your opinion, so what? Who cares? What makes my opinion any better than yours? Nothing does!! Heck, if I wasn't as opinionated as you I wouldn't have even bothered leaving a comment in the first place.

    Blogs would be pretty namby-pamby without the "old curmudgeon" penning his innermost thoughts on occasion. It would deprive those of us who love a little back-and-forth of one of the great joys in life - a little friendly arguing!!

    I hope you will always continue to tell us exactly what you feel about things as that is one of the reasons I think your many readers enjoy your blog so much - especially me!!

    Just keep writin' and we'll keep readin', my friend!!

  2. Well my friend I have the exact same problem as you have. ima thinking you are a better man than me or work a better program because I am not in to changing what I say to please anyone.

    Just because a guy /girl is an Rver don't necessarily make them, to me, any more special than the greeter at wal-mart.

    I am in to the kind of RVer that you are and pretty much think along the same line as you. The high end guy/girl in a ghetto Rv resort just don't have a lot to say that I care to listen to. Thats just the kind of scorpion I am.


  3. Al, I think you are a little to harsh with yourself. Everyone has opinions, and everbody are comparing all the time. That's how we make decisions - we need to assess the options and decide what is better.
    A blog is the your world from your point of view through your eyes (or glasses) and us, the readers, are permitted to have a glance to your thoughts and opinions. The statements that you make should be taken as personal opinions, and just that. I do see your point, but don't stop to be you in the blog. One of the things that are nice about it, is that you post comments of people that disagree, and that is perfectly fine too.
    Thank you so very much for letting us (me) be part of your life, and keep on with this wonderful blog you made.

  4. I cringed as you told the story about Checkers and the cactus spines. I hope she heals, and does not have any long term effects. Watch her for infection,as she may need some professional help.

    As you know, we spend our time in the RV parks. We are not boondockers. So let me explain why.

    We are basically the same shy folks that don't often interact with other park campers that you folks seem to be. We never become involved with park activities, rather preferring to stay to ourselves.

    I do have all kinds of electronic toys, that many folks wouldn't have. These radios take power. Loyce also likes to use her sewing machine and ott light to do her crafts.

    We would need a dozen solar panels and batteries to power our thirst for electrons. Also I cannot climb upon the roof because of health reasons, so putting up panels is out of the question.

    Loyce is an RN, and likes things to be really clean. Almost sterile clean. She enjoys doing the laundry and will go twice a week. Limited water is not in her vocabulary, as she equates that to being dirty. And dirty is unhealthy. Her RN training!

    So we tend to be the unsocial nerds in the back of the CG with our door closed, sucking up oodles of Kwh's and gallons of water as we go about reading the computer, and listening to the ham radios. All the while Loyce is cleaning yet something else that seems dirty to her.

    So since I personally can't go very far on a desert jaunt, I enjoy very much reading about and seeing the pics as you and Kelly go and do it for me! Please do not stop, and don't worry so much that we are different than you!

    We appreciate you for who you are. If you were just like me, I wouldn't need to read about that! LOL

    Your Friend Rod

  5. I enjoy reading about your adventures, opinionated or not. One thing I didn't understand was why Kelly was leaving a note about someone else being fined. What was the fine for and how would it apply to the individual who owned the rig with the utility trailer in tow? Or have I (once again) failed to understand something critical?

    Best of luck to you both.

  6. As a fellow traveler who happens to prefer the boondocking lifestyle, I think I need to say "We have come to appreciate and enjoy your opinionated style" Although we need to respect others points of view we always need to make sure we stand out in the herd. Now the world would be an awfully boring place if we all had the same opinion, even the buffalo herds had the odd white calf. Don't change to much. There is room in the desert for all of us.

  7. SO now we have to go back to yesterday to read Rick's comment. You may be opinionated, but so am I, and I sometimes spout off in comments. It's all done with great love and respect. No one says we have to agree with everything others say or do, but we have the right to respond, and --hey -- don't let us cramp your style! If you want to see how readers really can respond, read "Bad Nick's" blog and responses. they'll knock you right back on your keester!

  8. Being new to the full time lifestyle the opinions of the people that blog are very important to us.

    We want to see if from all sides -- it is this diversity that allows us to be able to make decisions on what, when and how to do the things we do.

    We are so glad that the blogs we read carry this diversity of opinion both in the post and the associated comments.

    Al, we feel your blog has a lot of value to those like us that are just starting out and don't know what we don't know yet.

    Thanks again for your hard work here.

  9. Great blog, as usual! We all have our opinions of what our "perfect" life on the road is...The big thing to remember is "It's not important where you are, but who you're with!" Keep on bloggin"
    PS..If you think I look like a runway model in my "uniform", you need to get to Mexico and have your glasses adjusted!..

  10. One of the reasons that all of us enjoy reading your blog, I think, is BECAUSE of your opinionated opinions Al (aka Mr. Curmudgeon to me). I agree with Rick and the others here, they all have valid points and we all like different things at different times in different places. What an incredibly boring world this would be without individuality! We don't all have to like every single thing about each other or like each others friends in order to be friends or aquaintances ourselves. Right? And each of us has our own unique blog page...kind of like our own homes (on wheels or not). If someone doesn't like what they read or see, then they don't have to return...or they can use the "delete" button. Just because a person may disagree with another person sometimes, doesn't have mean the loss of respect, admiration or friendship. Be yourself AL! Please don't change one iota!

  11. I agree with everyone else...don't change your style. If you really feel the need to, then start a second blog for those things you feel show the real you. My friend Nick Russell, editor of the Gypsy Journal, finally did just that. He has a second blog called "Bad Nick". If you guys aren't reading it, you are missing out. I love his sense of humor and most (not all) the time agree with his outrage.

    We are all different...there are reasons to RV in different ways. Would be pretty boring if we all wanted the same thing (and imagine how crowded the boondocking spots would become....LOL!)

    Sending hugs to Checkers....OUCH!! Oh, and snagged a couple of the pics you took of Stu & I on our bikes. We don't often get pics of us riding. Thank you!!

  12. Al, like you I have sometimes commented on my preferred type of RV park. I don't boondock as I don't feel confident on my own, I don't like to stay at resort type parks but prefer the smaller, mom & pop owned camping sites. I realize there are folks who wouldn't think of staying at places that I like, and don't hesitate to say it. That makes them as opinionated as I am and as you are, and as everyone has said, the differences are sometimes what makes us read and enjoy each other's blogs. Please keep on doing what you are doing!

    We love you, Kelly, and the dogs, including the klutzy one who took on a killer cactus plant!

  13. Hope Checkers is doing OK and that you guys have found another great spot in the desert.

  14. Don't change a thing. We are who we are. I think folks can read about others thoughts, opinions and RV styles to learn something and not to feel like we need to copy that person. Now, "if" we do want to copy some way of the RV lifestyle there are plenty of folks out here in blogland, such as yourselves, that we can learn from. Besides, like I wrote on another post of yours, if the Bayfield Bunch goes boondocking, I don't have to worry you're taking my spot in an RV park! LOL

    Have a wonderful boondocking time of it, and we'll all be checking in with you often.

  15. Hey Al,

    I just officially became your 100th follower. Even though I have been following you for awhile. I'll just take ocean front property in Arizona instead of the trip for my award. Just Kidding !!! I enjoy reading your blog and hope to catch up to you and Kelly in the near future.

    Safe Travels,
    Rollie & Gina

  16. I'am curious about what the fine was for? Do you have to sign in when you are staying on BLM land?

    John Rosasco